5 Stepsto Ensuring Your Home is Summer-Ready

December is a delight all around. Here in South Africa, it means summer, Christmas and long holidays with the family, days by the pool, and, for many, time to work on the house. Here are five steps to ensuring that your home is ready for the summer season.

  1. Keep water damage at bay

In many regions of the country, summer equals rain – which is something that we need! But rain can be a burden if your home is not quite waterproof. Check your roof, gutters, windows, doors and building foundation; make sure that there are no leaks or cracks and that your gutters are clean so that the water can drain properly.

If you have furniture that is not sealed for outdoor use or if it is built with laminate wood or other decorative panel products, be sure to keep these pieces indoors for the summer period.

  1. Review your deck

Summer means time spent outside on the deck so you want your deck to be safe for family and friends. Inspect the boards and railings to ensure that the materials are in good condition and that the structural integrity of the deck has not been compromised. Be sure to replace any damaged boards or loose screws. Once your deck is structurally safe, take some time to sand it down and apply a wood sealer to protect the wood from the elements.

  1. Level up on pest control

We remember summer fondly but we try to forget the nasty bugs! Spray the outside of your home with a preventative insecticide and put out ant traps to stop the critters right in their tracks. It is also helpful to stock your home with some mosquito spray and citronella candles as more precautionary measures.

  1. Replace weather stripping

Replacing the weather stripping on doors and windows will help to keep the cool air in (especially if you have an air-conditioner) and the warm air out. Weather stripping is also important for keeping both rainwater and insects out of your home.

  1. Create something for your home

DIY projects help me to feel like I have achieved something during the summer, and they end my year on a high note. Each year I treat my home by creating a summer addition. This year I intend to build a bar using medium density fibre board as it is smooth and easy to paint – this colourful bar will make summer entertaining an absolute breeze!