8 Tricks From Interior Designers to Get the Best of Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a wonderful, affordable and versatile flooring option for virtually any room in the home. It’s waterproof, durable and easy to maintain and can look great for years after installation. However, there are some subtle tricks which can help you to get the best out of your vinyl flooring; keeping it looking newer and more lustrous for longer. Firmfit want to ensure that customers get the very best value from their flooring. That’s why we’ve liaised with some interior designers to compile this list of helpful tips to ensure that you get the very most out of your waterproof vinyl flooring…

Clean vinyl flooring every day

You love the realistic finish on your vinyl plank flooring and want to maintain it for as long as you can. Yet, the tiny particles of dirt and debris can, over time, create wear on that finish. Fine particles of dirt and grime actually have sharp edges and when we track over them day in day out, it can have an abrasive effect like sandpaper. Sweep it every day with a broom or give it a quick once over with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

Avoid upright vacuum cleaners

We don’t recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating beater bar. This can be harsh and abrasive and (over long periods of time) damaging to the finish. Always use a hand held equivalent.

Invest in a doormat

Make life easier on yourself and buy a doormat. This will prevent your family and guests from tracking in particles of grime which can be damaging to your vinyl flooring. It’s a tiny yet extremely effective measure which can keep your flooring’s finish looking great.

Make rooms with vinyl flooring a shoe-free zone

You may balk at the idea of asking guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home. Nonetheless, the chemicals present in asphalt can damage the finish of waterproof vinyl flooring giving it a slightly yellow tint over time.

Think carefully about the cleaning products you use

While vinyl flooring is designed to be resilient, the harsh chemical compounds in cleaning products can be damaging to the finish when used regularly over long periods of time. Ask your waterproof vinyl flooring supplier what cleaning products or brands are best suited to your flooring. If you want to play it safe, a solution of water, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice is an effective alternative to commercial cleaning products. 

Soft mops are better

Firmfit vinyl flooring is designed to be easy to maintain. Thus, you won’t usually need to do more than give it a quick sweep every once in a while. When, however, you choose to mop your vinyl flooring be sure to use a soft mop and avoid sponge mops with built in scrubbers. Their coarse textures can be damaging to the finish.

Shampoo away hairspray buildup

Vinyl flooring in your bathroom can develop a film of hairspray buildup upon which dirt and dust can get stuck. Fear not, however, this can be easily washed away with shampoo just as it can in your hair!

Pad your furniture

Want to avoid scratches in your beautiful vinyl flooring? Secure little felt pads to the underside of your furniture. This will prevent scratches and marks when you move it.

With a little knowhow, your flooring can remain good as new for years to come! If you want to know more about the benefits of vinyl flooring check out Firmfit’s website today!