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Why Wear Welding Gear?

When a newly hired welder reports for work, the first thing they will give him are videos created by OSHA or another safety company which they are required to view. Welders should pay careful attention to this important video. There are important safety tips in each video. Welders are here also taught the different safety gears to wear and why these things are important.

The content of the operations manual should be learned by the welder at work. This manual gives excellent tips and ways to weld safely along with the best techniques.

To protect your eyes, you need to wear safety goggles. When you are welding there are many sparks and bright UV rays all over the place. You will be prevented from having Photokeratitis or welder’s flash if you wear your safety goggles. This condition of inflammation which is like sunburn affects the cornea and conjunctivas. A few hours after, you will feel painful symptoms. Tears will be in your eyes, your eyelids may twitch, and it is like there is sand in your eyes.
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Safety goggles should always be taken care of because these are important welding safety gear. You should clean them every day. Keeping the dust off will give you a nice clear goggles to wear the next day. You should not allow your safety goggles to be scratched. Harmful UV rays can reach your eyes through scratches, and this is what we want to avoided very much. It is best to store your goggles in a soft pouch or a case created for them.
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Safety footwear can protect your feet from any welding injury. Welding footwear is made of leather and fit above your ankles. When you wear you safety footwear on the job, it should be in condition. You are not allowed to weld using tennis shoes or any other type of shoes that is not considered a safety footwear.

Your eyes are also protected by using a welding helmet. While welding there are sparks and the brightness of UV rays which can damage your eyes. They are also used to protect your head while you are working.

You should wear clothing that covers your skin so that the sparks will not burn you. Getting burned while working is possible without safety clothing. But if you get burned, stop what you are doing. You should inform others about your injury. Go to the bathroom or the nearest available water supply so you can run cool water over the injured area. If necessary, ask someone to call 911.

Always keep safety in mind when working at a welding job. Properly wear your welding gear and keep up to date with the proper safety rules and regulations.