Adding Safe Bathroom Fixtures

As people age, sometimes the ability to get around safely poses a real threat to life. Seniors with ambulation, balance and difficulty performing some activities of daily living often find it hard to get in and out of their bathtubs. Even those that use showers feel unsafe due to dizziness or physical weakness. Fortunately, now there are ways for seniors that have these ailments to live independently in their own homes. They can find a proficient contractor that has experience with bathroom remodels like installing easy access tubs, wide showers and reachable bathroom sinks. These bathing and personal care items can be upgraded to meet the aging homeowner’s mobility and safety needs.

Often, older citizens find it hard to read the small print in phone book directories. The hassle of finding honest contractors that will complete their desired bathroom conversion at an affordable cost requires a lot of effort. Seniors, and other individuals, can get assistance by allowing a friendly and convenient contractor search company find the correct business for what the desired job entails. This can be such a deep relief. Many older people don’t have close family nearby. This service is a terrific remedy that gives the consumer the bath redo that is needed for safety reasons.

These walk-in tubs have dramatically improved for the better just in recent years. Bath tubs and showers can have slip proof seats that allows for safe bathing. This is an excellent tool for customers that are prone to dizziness or just cannot stand without assistance. The newer walk-in tub models are virtually leak proof. This feature is exceedingly important as elder individuals and those with certain disabilities are more prone to dangerous falls if water leaks onto the slippery floor. Always ensure that the walk-in style tub doesn’t leak and has strong seals around the door opening spot.

It is always wise to think ahead when remodeling a bathroom. If someone already needs a cane or other ambulation assistance device, the new bathroom design should include wheelchair access. Showers can be built wider to allow chairs inside. The surfaces of these specialized showers and tubs has a gripping texture and is easier to keep clean. It shouldn’t take long to install one of these incredible bathroom additions. Most can be completely installed in just one day. Ensure that the fixtures come with guarantees before purchasing.

Another safety item that is commonly recommended is one or more sturdy safety bars. They can be securely mounted on the walls, and within the shower or tub area. They should have padded grips that will resist slippage from water moisture. Ensure that the walk-in shower and/or tub has a seat made with non-slipping features. These safety rails and grips should be near toilets for assistance in balancing and standing up. These innovative safety features for bathrooms bring welcome relief for families that have an elderly parent still living at home. Some of these supplies could be covered with certain insurance plans.

There are typically finance options on the above discussed bathroom safety improvements. People can also have their hot water temperature turned to stay at a safe temperature level. Check all bathroom surfaces for safety and comfort enhancements. Any seats within tubs or showers should be comfortable and secure.