Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India with Prices

Are you looking for a reliable, budget-friendly vacuum cleaner in India? There are several leading brands of vacuum cleaners in India for you to choose from. Depending on your specific cleaning needs and price factors, you can buy the best range of vacuum cleaners from the best brands in India. If you are looking for some high-end functional vacuum cleaner in your budget, then here are our suggestions of the top brands for vacuum cleaners that you can buy:

Source: Best Vacuum Cleaners under 10000

1. Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel: In the list of the best brands for vacuum cleaners in India, Eureka Forbes tops the list undoubtedly. Amongst all its high-tech vacuum cleaners, the Trendy Steel model is one of the best product offerings by the brand. The vacuum cleaner comes with an in-built blower feature. There is also support for proper wheeler movement with much ease all around your house. When the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner gets filled, there is a proper indicator for the same. The power requirement of the vacuum cleaner is 1300 W.
Price: Rs 6,875

2. Bosch Skil 8715: Bosch is a leading brand when it comes to offering high-tech electronic products in India. Amongst its various offerings, the vacuum cleaners by Bosch are known for their excellent functionality and great reliability. This particular design by Bosch is known for its ergonomic design and excellent performance.The Skil 8715 by Bosch comes with a 15 Litre dust capacity. In addition to this, this cleaner also offers both dry as well as wet cleaning. Power consumption is 1400 W.
Price: Rs 8,500

3. Philips FC8082/01: There is no beating the brand Philips when it comes to offering the best range of highly advanced electronic items. This specialized vacuum cleaner by Philips offers excellent dry vacuum cleaning. The cleaner also comes with a highly functional all-purpose nozzle for excellent suction. The power consumption by this unit is around 1000W.
Price: Rs 6,177

4. LG VC3316NNTM: Your list of household electronic items would not be complete without a single product from LG. This highly advanced vacuum cleaner from LG comes with no-bag technology and has a special blower to achieve the desired cleaning. This is a dry vacuum cleaner and utilizes the high-end HEPA filter for cleaning purposes. The power consumption by this vacuum cleaner is 1600 W. The best feature of this cleaner is its overall compact size and ellipse cyclone technology.
Price: Rs 11,943

5. Karcher WD3: Karcher is a reputed brand which is known for producing highly functional vacuum cleaners globally. This particular model of vacuum cleaner from Karcher features both motor and suction that ensures deep cleaning of your house as well as the car in an efficient manner. The cleaner also comes with an inbuilt dust accumulator feature for the ease of cleaning. The power consumption requirement of this vacuum cleaner is 1000W.
Price: Rs 6,249

Buy the best range of vacuum cleaner for your home from the best brand!