Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodels

Most people remodel their home when they’ve outgrown it. Kids are growing up meaning more stuff and less space. You’ve amassed a larger collection of Tupperware than you intended to, and your husband has picked up one too many part time hobbies that come with all the part time clutter.

So, you’re looking to remodel your kitchen – the one place in the home that’s your place to relax with a hot cup of freshly poured coffee, turn up the music, and drift off into care-free land. But your smaller kitchen will definitely need storage for your not-so-small life.

We’ve got some great recommendations for new storage concepts when it comes to storage ideas for small kitchens. From kick-toe drawers that add storage where you wouldn’t expect to keeping the Kitchen Aid off the counter, there’s no end to hiding the storage.

Tuck Away the Trash

Not only are trash … Read the rest

Top 5 Tips With Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the core of any home. It provides the foodstuffs that petrol a family group group. It truly is a gathering place for folks to assemble and discuss their days and nights and times while they come up with food. It truly is usually one of the extremely most inviting parts of any home. People feel more at home and comfortable in strangers’ kitchen areas than any the regions of the home. Therefore, a kitchen should be maintained up-to-date so when welcoming as is possible. The next is effective information to all or any or the reason for a KBR Kitchen and Bath redecorating job.

Going Green

One of the major reasons for remodeling is to make a house more energy efficient and greener. Investing in some of the renewable, new gizmos will win over many homeowners when they get their next energy payment. Not only will installing … Read the rest

How To Finish Off Your Kitchen With A Hint Of Luxury

It’s only natural to add a few touches of luxury to your kitchen’s design; when designing a new kitchen, this will depend on the type of design you’re looking to implement.

For some people, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a family zone, but for others it’s a space to experiment with new culinary delights or even a space to entertain guests – as the saying goes, ‘you will always find me in the kitchen at parties’. With that in mind, luxury essentials will differ. Together with Harvey Jones, bespoke kitchens specialists, we advise you on how to incorporate luxury into your kitchen’s design, no matter what look you’re going for.

Nothing says luxury like a wine cooler

It’s important to get your wine to the perfect temperature for your guests when hosting dinner parties; after all, there’s nothing worse than having a warm glass of Sauvignon Blanc. … Read the rest