Do You Know About All-in-One Air Cooler for Babies?

Do You Know About All-in-One Air Cooler for Babies

Living in a tropical country where the temperature is so hot, it does make us feel comfortable when in an air-conditioned room all day. Unfortunately the air-conditioned room creates dry air which makes us less comfortable when breathing. If not treated quickly, dry air can trigger various diseases such as nasal congestion, skin irritation, itchy eyes, sneezing, and asthma. For adults alone is enough to torture, especially for babies who are still sensitive? Well, one of the most appropriate solutions is to use Air Cooler or, solar cooler for babies.

For those of you who are having a baby and are still unfamiliar with the Air Cooler tool, first consider the following brief explanation!

  1. What is Air Cooler for babies?

Air Cooler for babies is a device that serves to keep the humidity in the room. When the air is so dry, this tool will increase the level of humidity. The Air Cooler for babies needs to be filled with water so the device can spray moisture into the entire room. Babies become more comfortable to breathe and of course free from disease.

Air Cooler is different from air purifier whose function is to clear the air in the room by holding viruses and bacteria in the engine filter. So, don’t get me wrong or buy wrong.

  1. Why use Air Cooler for babies?

Because the baby’s respiratory system is more sensitive than adult humans and the frequency is also more that 40 times in one minute. You can imagine how much suffering the baby has to breathe and be in the middle of dry air in an air-conditioned room.

  1. Benefits of Air Coolers for babies

There are many health problems that can be avoided if you use Air Cooler for babies. First is to avoid the baby’s skin and lips become chapped. Skin irritation and itching problems can also be avoided thanks to this Air Cooler.

Next is to reduce flu symptoms such as sneezing. For babies who have already had the flu, this Air Cooler for babies can also make them breathe more easily without nasal congestion. If that’s the case, his sleep will be more restful and can recover quickly from the flu.

At present there are various models of Air Cooler for babies whose shape is adorable so that it can also be used as a nursery room decoration. Doesn’t really matter, but it’s still cute right?

  1. Are there any dangers behind using Air Cooler for babies?

With a heavy heart, the answer is there. Some of them are the Air Cooler can trigger the growth of bacteria and fungi.Awful yes, if these bacteria and fungi are mixed in water vapor that is sprayed throughout the nursery room. Therefore, you should routinely clean Air Cooler for babies so that bacteria and fungus are reluctant to nest in it.

A number of Air Cooler brands also have a fairly loud engine sound when turned on. This will certainly make the baby’s ear uncomfortable. Choose the latest Air Cooler for babies with ultrasonic models because it uses a machine that is barely audible. Don’t hesitate to try to hear it before buying.

Some Air Cooler brands are not equipped with a humidistat or hygrometer so you have difficulty controlling the humidity level. This often makes the humidity level in the nursery too high. As a result, bacteria and fungi even grow rapidly and building structures more easily damaged.

  1. Tips on cleaning Air Cooler for babies

So that the Air Cooler for this baby can work optimally and not cause new problems, you must routinely clean at least once every 3 days using vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution in the tank. After that, rinse thoroughly thoroughly using water.

When replacing the Water Cooler water for babies, dry the tank section first before pouring new water. Don’t mix it with old water. It would be better if you use distilled water or demineralization to reduce mineral deposits that have the potential to trigger bacterial growth in the Air Cooler for infants.

Thus the baby and other family members can cool off in an air-conditioned room without worrying about dry air again.Have a healthy life!

The role of humidification and air ionization in the improvement of the microclimate of the place

Fresh air is not enough to create a comfortable environment in a permanent residence. Necessary still quite wet. To maintain the microclimate required in the room using an artificial method of creating air space. Air Coolers with air ionizers are climate tools that improve humidity levels. On the other hand, ionized air increases the body’s better absorption of oxygen.

Attention, please! Installation of the device is considered a forced measure, but is necessary. Air saturation by industrial and transportation emissions makes it dangerous for health. This explains that more than 50% of diseases in the human body arise due to poisoning with harmful substances, penetrating together with air into the house and apartment.

Air Coolers: pros and cons

Air Coolers are needed to maintain the level of humidity needed in place. Dry air negatively affects the entire human body: skin and hair suffer, thirst develops, mucous membranes dry out. “Drought” in the nasopharynx reduces the body’s protective function, and people become more susceptible to attacks of respiratory tract infections.

According to the principle of operation, three types of devices are divided:

  • Air Coolers Steam cool with the help of a fan, “run” the air through a filter that is soaked in water, which further cleans the air of large suspended particles. There are models where the filter element is treated with an antibacterial agent – then the device itself performs the purification function of harmful microorganisms.
  • Air Coolers for hot steam saturated air by evaporation of water. The output is pure water vapor at 60 ° C – when the water is heated the microorganisms die, and salt and foreign impurities settle on the walls of the reservoir in the form of scale.
  • The most modern and automatic ultrasonic device. As a result of ultrasonic vibrations, the water turns to dust, and already in the form of water mist is released into the room. The built-in function allows you to control and adjust the humidity level, independently choose the intensity of the “fog”, work at reduced fan speeds in night mode and more.

The main advantage of Air Coolers is the increase in air humidity to the required parameters:

  • Positively affects the condition of the skin, human hair.
  • Prevents drying of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes, activating the body’s protective functions.
  • Favorably affects indoor plants – life-giving humidity promotes better growth and flowering.
  • Protect furniture from drought, and parquet – from the formation of cracks.

The loss is not significant, but there are still:

  • The need to replace filter elements.
  • Steam models are not economical in terms of electricity consumption.
  • When using an ultrasonic moisturizer, a white coating appears on furniture.
  • Steam “heat” can provoke disease in the respiratory system.

By diligently cleaning the house and installing some home improvement equipment to clear the air, air pollution will decrease. The air quality will improve and your health and that of your family will be maintained.