Everything You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is probably the most repelling and at the same time the most necessary chore out there. It’s quite messy and you’re about to get really wet and dirty while moving high on ladders, but it can cause serious problems if you decide to neglect it. If you let your gutters get too full, the overflowing water can damage your roof and make a leak. Even though the task itself is not too demanding, some useful ideas on how to keep your gutters impeccable are always more than welcome. So, let’s get started.

1. Choose the right timing.

Deciding on the right time to clean your gutters usually depends on several factors. The general rule of thumb is to do it twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. However, if you live in the area where there are lots of trees or the weather conditions tend to change rather frequently, you’ll probably have to do it more often than that. Every big storm or a period of heavy rain and wind will require removing a downspout clog. Wait out until the gutters are dry to clean them out. It’ll make the job easier and far less messy.

2. Safety comes first.

One of the reasons for cleaning the gutters is tricky is the height. In most cases, simple ladders will do, but what if your ladders aren’t high enough or even worse – not safe enough? Cleaning gutters on a multi-story house can be a real challenge. Remember that nothing is more important than safety. For that reason, you should consider hiring professional services like Universal Mobile Tower Hire that will provide you with necessary machinery. Get clued up about the type of elevated work platform you need. That way, you’ll not only gain easier access to the gutters but also take necessary safety measures.

3. Get rid of that clog.

You can use a trowel for this job, but some people prefer to do it with their hands. It’s faster and more maneuverable. If you decide to use your hands, get yourself a good pair of gloves. Start at the downspout, scooping down the leaves and the sediment and continue with all the gutters.  When you’re done, use the hose to flush the finer debris. When the water starts coming cleanly through the spout, it means your work is done.

4. Gutters too have an expiration date.

Like everything else, your gutter will need to be replaced at some point as well. Their average life span is about 20 years if they’re properly maintained. If the time has come to replace your gutters, consider the metal ones since they last the longest. Those made of plastic or vinyl will probably have to be replaced sooner, especially if they suffer some kind of damage. Placing gutter guards will prevent leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters. Whichever type of gutter you choose, make sure they are installed properly if you want them to last.

5. Problems caused by unclean gutters.

Neglecting your gutters can lead to numerous problems. Overflowing water is the first one. Decomposing of dead leaves can support the growth of the mold which can further cause health problems. Leaking roof and basement and cracked foundation are yet another issues overflowing water can cause. Finally, moist decomposing leaves are the perfect home for many pests that you definitely don’t want near your house, let alone inside of it. All this can be prevented by unclogging your downspouts regularly.


It’s important to keep your gutters clean. Whether you decide to do the job yourself or hire professionals, it will prevent many serious issues down the road and keep your house strong and beautiful.