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Designing Attractive Picture Frames Picture frames have been in existence in the world for a very long time. Ancient inhabitants of different parts of the world had their ways of preserving cultures using pictures. There are many differences between how it was done then and now though part of the concepts are still being used today. In simple words, a picture frame can be defined as the structure used to hold any pictorial image. It serves different purposes aesthetic value being one among them. Picture frames are usually made of different materials. Picture frames used in ancient times were mainly made of wood. The availability of wood as material for making picture frames has made its use continue over many years. The only thing that keeps changing over time is how the wood is curved out to make different designs of picture frames. Curving out shapes from wood is easier than using other materials, a factor that has fueled the popularity of wood as used in picture frames. The fact that products from wood last longer than other materials has also made wood popular. Other materials such as some types of metals have also been used to make picture frames in the modern world. The use of gold and diamond is the best example one can cite in this matter. The affluent members of the society find such metals attractive and they can afford to use them in picture frames. This they do just to enhance beauty and be in a certain class in the society. The number of frames made of gold and diamond is not high since the metals are quite expensive.
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There are many shapes for making picture frames. The choice of a certain shape for a picture frame is purely dependent on the user of the frame. For instance most of the frames in the world are rectangular in shape. This is because a rectangular picture frame can serve different general functions. Pictures depicting different situations in the life of a person can fit very well in a rectangular picture frame.
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Other shapes could be oval and square. There are people who become creative with their choice of picture frames. Creativity can be used to come up with picture frames that can fit certain effects. Case in point is the use of heart shaped picture frames to mount pictures that depict love and romance. This captures the theme of love elaborately. The latest phenomenon in picture frames is customizing. This has been occasioned by the desire to have picture frames that depict diverse themes. One can use ordinary materials to make customized frames. That is why custom framing shops stock different materials so that one can make a choice based on the materials available. When the client gives instructions, the instructions are followed strictly by an expert in designing picture frames usually hired by the shop.