Five Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen in Thailand

Before considering having a new kitchen fitted, there are many things you need to plan out first. If you want your dream kitchen, you need to find a furniture store you can trust, and you need to know what you want in your kitchen and the price you are willing to spend. Before having a kitchen consultation, here are five things you must consider.

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You need to make sure that you have enough set aside for your dream kitchen. Having a price in mind before you start is important, otherwise, you could end up overspending or you may realize that your ultimate dream kitchen is out of reach at the moment, therefore, it may be back to the drawing board. Start saving as and when you can, so you have a better budget.


Having a consultation with a designer will aid in knowing how much time your new dream kitchen is going to take to fit. You need to ensure that you and your family are able to commit to the time needed to have your dream kitchen fitted. This enables you to then plan around this. If you have yet to move into your new home, then getting the kitchen renovation underway before you move there is the best option.


There are many styles available for your kitchen and having an idea of what you want can help immensely in planning your kitchen. Check out inspiration online and in magazines to find the kind of style you want for your home. A modern kitchen is a design that is overtaking many homes in Thailand and with the help of the furniture store Thailand you can create your perfect kitchen with the latest designer furniture trends from all over Europe, including Milan.


When planning your kitchen, you need to bear in mind what you use it for mostly. These are the kind of questions that a kitchen designer will ask you, so be prepared with answers; this is the best way to know you are on the same page when it comes to designing your new kitchen. They will want to know how many people are in the house, so they can make enough space for this. They may ask other questions such as how much you entertain and cook for others, and how much time you generally spend in your kitchen. All of these questions can aid in producing your perfect kitchen with the appliances and space that will work best for you.


As stated earlier, you may not be able to use your kitchen for some time. With this in mind, you need to ensure that there is somewhere else in your home that you could set up a temporary kitchen, or if possible, somewhere else you could stay.

Being prepared before talking to a kitchen designer means you will already have an idea in mind and will be able to start on your kitchen sooner rather than later.