Handmade Rugs

There was a time when there was no use of machineries. Industries were beyond imagination. However, with the Industrial Revolution dating from eighteenth to nineteenth century has provided a new dimension to the way people produce their daily necessary items. Before industrial revolution people usually had to be happy with the handmade items they produced using their hands.

Women were especially engaged in creating handmade items. As far as handmade City rugs are concerned, women played the lead role in making them available to the market and having them popular among the masses. However, with the invention of machineries people started to go for items produced by machineries since those items required little cost in comparison with the handmade items.

With this trend production of handmade items especially handmade rugs started to fall. Today, in a few selected countries, a few people are still engaged in creating handmade rugs. But it is a matter of time to see whether the attempt to keep the trend of making these rugs alive succeeds in the long run.

Despite the fact that the costs of this type of rugs are much higher than those produced with the help of machineries, the demand for handmade rugs is huge. There are certain reasons behind the huge demand they have among the handmade rug lovers. Firstly, they are of highest quality with exceptional artistic trait surrounding it. So, if you are artistic in mind and look for decoration of your room no matter how much it costs then handmade rugs may be your first choice.

Besides being unique in style and design, these rugs are more durable and longer lasting than any other rugs. For example, antique rugs were mostly produced using hands. Still today they have high value among the antique rug lovers. In fact, antique rugs cost more than any other rugs around the world. However, not only they deserve high price they deserve due recognition as well.

Handmade rugs are still being produced in different countries like Iran, Afghanistan, India and China. These countries produce these rugs usually to sell them to different western countries like America and England. However, it is a matter of concern that in the last couple of years the pricing of the rugs have increased more than we ever imagined. There are definitely some reasons behind that. Price for raw materials for rugs has increased. Naturally, it had an impact on the rug industry. Besides, excessive tax impose on export of rugs had also contributed to the high expenses of handmade rugs. Despite its huge demand, the future of handmade rug is bleak. Some people were engaged in producing the rugs generation after generation. But things are changing now. Descendant of those generations are now being influenced by the modern trend of the world and lack interest in continuing what their ancestors did for the last couple of centuries. Therefore, steps should be taken to encourage producers of handmade rugs to continue their business by providing them with due incentives.