Handy Looks into Upgrading your Ventilation at Home

Handy Looks into Upgrading your Ventilation at Home


According to Handy, proper ventilation is essential to maintain a clean home environment. During the summer heat, poor ventilation in your rooms cannot get rid of the hot, stale air. As a result, it can make it a nightmare to live inside your house. However, improving the ventilation in your home does not have to be a costly or difficult procedure.

The Ways

Here are some ways you can upgrade ventilation at home –

  1. Install an air conditioner – Modern air-conditioners work incredibly well to control the temperature inside your house and consume much less energy than old ACs. If you are concerned about the cost, buy an AC which has an energy-star rating of 4 or above. Such ACs are very energy efficient and automatically turn off after some time to save energy costs.
  2. Install exhaust fans in your bathroom – If you don’t have a ventilation system in your bathrooms, installing one can make a world of difference. Without proper ventilation inside your bathrooms, it can become a magnet for hot air and moisture.Thus, it is a wise idea to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom so that it can suck the warm air from the inside and push it outside your house.
  1. Purchase air purifiers – Many people only opt to use table fans or ceiling fans and decide there is no need for an air purifier. However, an air-purifier can not only increase the circulation of air inside your house but also make it cleaner. A good air purifier can remove the stale air inside your house, get rid of germs and bad odor, and help you to be healthier. If the air quality inside your house is toxic, you may suffer from allergies or other severe health issues. People with breathing problems should definitely get a good quality air purifier with a HEPA filter.
  2. Add an exhaust fan in your kitchen – If you don’t have a built-in ventilation system in your kitchen, consider adding one. If it is too costly for you, you may opt to install an exhaust fan instead. Although an exhaust fan will not be as powerful as a chimney, it can still provide good ventilation.
  3. Improve ventilation around your dryer or washing machine – If you don’t have a functioning ventilation system around your washing machine or dryer, the area can become drowned in bad odor. An exhaust or table fan can help you to keep the bad odor in check. Just make sure you are pointing the fan outside and not inside your house.
  4. Add houseplants in your home – Houseplants are not only a natural beauty but can purify the air inside your house too. If there is proper air circulation around the area of your houseplants, the whole area will be free of harmful airborne toxins and CO2 gas. It will be much easier to breathe in such areas.


According to Handy, simply opening the windows and doors of your house can help you to improve the airflow of your house. Although it may not be possible to keep your doors or windows open 24×7, opening them whenever you feel suffocated can do the trick.