How to Breathe New Life Into Your 2019 Garden

It is common for people to fall out of love with their garden, leaving them wanting to give it a new lease of life. With these tips to refresh your garden, you’ll be excited to invite your friends round as soon as the weather warms up! It is easy to update your garden without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money or hours and hours with your gardening tools. Before you start, have a look at the garden and see what you have. Look at your furniture, fire pits or ornaments and move them around, making sure you utilise your space. Have a look at a few of these tips which will help you feel proud of your garden and what you’ve achieved.

Spring Clean Your Terrace or Patio

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a clean patio can make, and don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in a jet washer. You can actually hire a jet-washer to get rid of any grime that has built up over the winter. Once your patio is nice and clean, you could apply a glaze onto your tiles which will give them a boost and almost a wet look, bringing them back to life. Finally, get yourself some patio plants and you’ll be proud to have people over to unveil the new look.

Get Yourself Some Plant Climbers

If you’re bored of dull fences around your garden, you can hide them with climbing roses. With a wide variety of colours, styles and scents, you can transform the edges of your garden. This is something that can take quite a while, as it will take a few years for the roses to grow to their full potential, but it is guaranteed that they will be worth the wait.

Buy New Pots

Tired old pots can really bring down your garden, so investing in a collection of beautiful new pots and planters in a range of shapes and sizes can offer a new lease of life. You could go for more high end options or buy on a budget. Fill your new pots with glorious colours to bring the pots to life.

Invest in a Garden Coffee Table

Having a garden coffee table can help you to really make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you want something more contemporary or a traditional wooden table, having a table like this outside will enable you to keep food and drinks close to ensure full relaxation (weather permitting!) As well as this, they look great and become a feature of the garden. For those who aren’t into landscaping, you can make a big difference without much effort. Rather than having a big table and chairs set, having a coffee table style in your garden helps to replicate a cosy living room feel, as well as being practical.

Create Some Shade

Adding a gazebo or a sail is essential to offer shade on sunny days. As well as this, it creates a cosy area. Add strings of fairy lights or a patio heater if your budget is slightly higher, and you’ll have a small hub for family and friends to relax in. Add a few chairs, and spruce them up with blankets and cushions.

Bring the Spa to Your Garden!

In the past, being in a hot tub is something that was only possible during a visit to a spa, however now it is very easy and fairly cheap to have one in your very own garden! With inflatable hot tubs being the new rage, you can wind down after a busy day with a drink or two and replicate that spa feeling. The only downside is that it takes a long time to warm up, so can be a bit expensive in terms of electricity.