How to Prepare Your Canada Windows And Doors for The Winter

Another cold, Canada winter is approaching. So, the only question that you should be asking yourself is whether your Canada windows and doors are ready for the cold winter months. Ineffective windows and doors can make the entire winter season a nightmare for you.

Poor insulation, leaks and drafts are some of the major reasons that you are going to hate winter season. But you are not late; there is still time to make your Canada windows and doors ready for winter. Here are the ways the new windows and doors will make your home ready for the approaching cold winter.

1. Upgrade Your Old Single Pane Windows to Double Pane Windows.

Well, you might have purchased an older home with single pane windows, and you haven’t upgraded yet. If so, this is the right time you consider upgrading to double pane Canadian windows that are more energy efficient. They offer the best insulation compared to single pane windows and hence will protect you from the cold in winter. What makes double pane windows energy efficient is gas fills between the glass. The gasses used are krypton or argon or the mix of the two gasses. This technique adds more insulation layer on your windows.

2. Your Home Is Getting A Bit Drafty.

When you see drafts on your Canadian windows, know there is a significant problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. This means cold air is coming into your home and heat is escaping your space. This makes your home less energy efficient and could have a toll on your energy bills since you have to keep your HVAC system all the time to cool your home in summer and heat it in winter. Some homeowners try to apply window film on the affected areas, but that only solves the problem temporarily which I am sure isn’t what you want.

3. Get Rid of Noisy Wind.

If it is summer and you can still hear the wind coming through your Canada windows and doors, don’t expect this situation will get better in winter. In fact, it will be worse than this. This implies that the insulation in your windows and doors is failing or there are significant cracks around the door or window. The best way to deal with this problem is to get new replacement windows and doors with proper insulation to prevent noise.

For this matter, you should opt for double or triple pane windows. They are excellent options for window insulation. Noise will not penetrate through your windows, and you will have a comfortable home.

4. What to Do with Damage from Leaking Water.

Winter is usually accompanied by snow, and if there is no snow, then it is not winter. What is the state of your windows? Will it be able to halt the turbulence of the first storm? If they get leaky in the first snow, it could lead to damages to the frame and walls.

So, before winter comes, it is essential to inspect the condition of your windows to make sure there are no leaks. If you suspect there are leaks or your windows will not hold the snow, you should replace them with the new Canadian windows.

It is better to incur replacement costs rather than incurring costs to repair damages on walls and floors caused by leaky windows which you will eventually have to replace whether you want or not.

5. Can Your Window Close Well?

Can your windows close well without using a lot of force to do so? If they don’t, then you should be ready for freezing cold months if you don’t do something about them. There is no alternative to investing in new windows replacements unless you want to be wearing a couple of jackets when going to sleep.

6. Lock It!

Make sure that your double hung windows ca lock well. This will hinder drafts and snow from finding their way into your home through the sashes. If this happens, you might end up paying higher monthly bills.