Is renewable heating right for your property?

Along with solar panels and electric cars, more and more consumers are opting for renewable heating in order to save both money and the planet.

Allowing homeowners and businesses to source heat from the environment, there a number of ways to enjoy the same amount of warmth as traditional systems without leaving a large carbon footprint.

Air source heat pumps (ASHP), for example, extract heat from the outside air and distribute it to indoor spaces and devices such as underfloor heaters and radiators which provide low levels of heat for long durations.

An efficient approach to renewable heating, the use of air source heat pumps promises to reduce Co2 usage by up to 50%.

Water and ground source heat pumps are another way of sourcing heat from the environment that does not depend on fossil fuels.

Circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze around pipes that are buried in your garden, this model extracts the energy necessary to power radiators and other devices which distribute heat.

Similar to ASHPs, water and ground source heat can reduce Co2 usage by up to 50%.

Making renewable heating that bit more attractive, the UK government is currently offering an incentive that goes towards initial installation costs.

In order to find out if your property is suitable for renewable heating, get in touch with a qualified installer who will be able to visit your home or business to make a full assessment.