Landscaping: Your Backyard Oasis Awaits


If you want to create a space that truly reflects your personality, you need to tailor the exterior look of your home. There are plenty of landscaping options available that are cost-effective and have a high impact on the look of your home. Thanks to creative designers such as Paradise Ponds, you can have that gorgeous, million-dollar landscaping completed in Colorado Springs.

From the selection of materials and plants all the way to design of landscaping, a lot of creativity is needed to come up with the perfect landscape. The following are some ideas on how you can transform your home through landscaping.

Using Pavers and Ground Cover

Pavers and ground cover are arguably two of the best ways to create enormous visual impact. If you have some unused space in your backyard that you want to cover, you can use pavers in a mosaic pattern to cover it up. Between the seams, you can plant creeping sedum or moss for contrast.

The creeping sedum doesn’t need as much water and maintenance because it spreads on its own and thrives well in the sunshine.

Adding Patios and Decks

Efficient landscape design requires you to utilize the space available. If you have a huge lot at the back of your house, you may consider building a deck. The deck could be attached to the house, or you can make it a floating deck instead. Alternatively, you can terrace the land by building small retaining walls and a brick patio. Check out Colorado Springs landscapers for the best ideas on patio materials and styles.

Integrating Poolscapes

Swimming pools are standard components in backyard landscaping. If you wish to utilize your space for entertainment or enjoy time outdoors with your kids, poolscapes can be the best addition. Around your pool, you could add decks to accommodate foot traffic safely, or you can introduce plants to add green to the environment.

Ornamental Water Features

If you want to turn your backyard into a meditation garden, introduce flowing water to inject an element of sound in your design. This is an element that you often don’t get from plants unless the wind blows and rustles the leaves. The gentle babbling sound coming from the water feature is the perfect remedy for frayed nerves as you pull into your driveway. If you desire a natural look, you can build a small waterfall as well. Choose from ceramic garden fountains, tiered fountains and stone fountains, just to name a few.

Shrub Borders and Privacy Fencing

One of the hallmarks of efficient landscaping in your backyard is the provision of adequate privacy. If you are opting for a swimming pool or dining area somewhere at the back of your house, shrub borders can give you the much-needed privacy as you enjoy time with your family. Privacy screens or fences come in different types, including plant-based such as bamboo plants and tall hedges.

Compared to a front yard, the backyard is more informal, and you should keep it as such. You can design informal paths that cut through flower beds and green grass with some connections of stepping stones to give you the right mix of a backyard oasis.