Make a Bold Decorative Statement Using Metal Balusters

Balusters are a part of hand railings that people rarely give any thoughts when it comes to updating stylish details. Metal balusters not only look great but have a durability that makes them worth the investment.

Choose from Straight, Curved, and Gothic Styles

The shape and style of a metal baluster make a remarkable difference in the finished look of your railing. A straight style provides a more traditional, clean look. Curved metal balusters offer a more unique look that captures attention from anyone that views your railings. The Gothic style gives your railing a New Orleans flair. Choosing black metal balusters from a company like Union Metal Works provides an eye-catching, dramatic finished project.

Durable and Affordable Steel Balusters

Locating steel balusters from specialized shops typically cost a large amount of money. It is partially due to the durability of the materials and the method used to create the product. Finding a source that has developed a system of creating balusters quickly helps bring the cost down to a more affordable level.

Simple Installation of Balusters

Once you have installed the top and bottom wood for the railing, adding the balusters is as simple as using a tape measure and a drill. You will use the tape measure to mark off exactly where to place each baluster. The metal bars simply attack with screws.

Commercial and Residential Uses

Metal balusters are complimentary for either commercial or residential properties. Any area that requires fencing or barriers is the perfect spot for metal balusters. You can create a solid looking fenced area for both the front regions of a business or a home. It is an interchangeable decorative and functional material that will last for years.

Interior and Exterior Uses

Homes and businesses with interior stairways and lofts can benefit from the looks of quality metal balusters to replace traditional wood. It is also possible to bring a more contemporary style to verandas, decks and all types of fenced in areas.

Updating the look of your home or business can be accomplished simply by removing old wooden balusters and switching them out with decorative metal. It will leave your friends, family, and clients in awe.