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Prune Your Tree to Bear More Fruit Understanding how fruit tree is grown is essential in learning how to properly prune fruit trees. One of the basic things you should know about your tree and its fruit is that it is composed of two parts. Fruit trees are generally grafted. The top part of the fruit tree if often the better part, and the bottom, the poor part. The best fruit bearing trees are often produced as a result of grafting. Having a good fruit tree is the first step to improving its fruit production by proper pruning techniques.
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Let’s begin with a bare rooted tree. It is important to trim bare rooted trees before planting. If your tree was grown in a pot, cutbacks may not be needed. It is however important to do cutbacks on trees that have been recently dug before transplanting.
How I Became An Expert on Services
Sometimes it helps to prune the top part of the tree and its roots, if you get your tree by mail order. Cut away all roots that are broken or that have crooked edges. Healing is easier if this is done. Make the surface of the roots equal by cutting part of the top. If a fruit tree does not have branches on its side, cut it back by a third. Thus, if you have a tree that is about six feet tall, you need to cutback two feet from its top. The cut should be done above the bud, and in a slanted way. Trees that have branches should be trimmed by cutting off broken branches, withered branches, and branches that are almost touching the ground. After you cut the top by a third, you also need to cut every strong branch by a third. Cut the branches outside the bud in order for the new limb to grow and spread outward. New trees need the special care described above. When your fruit tree arrives, don’t forget to soak its bare roots to keep them from drying up. The quality of your soil and the right depth of the ground is also worth taking note of. There are things you can do to your tree, like snipping and pinching, to save you the trouble later. It is good to visualize your tree in its maturity while it is still young to motivate you to trim it and snip off its buds. Pruning done during the first year help shape the tree. The fruit your tree produces at this time ripens better. Other trees demand more attention. You need not call the professionals once you master the art and science of tree pruning.