Patio Doors Toronto: What Experts Want You to Know

Replacement for the patio doors Toronto and entry doors are done at the same time the windows are replaced. While an entry door is manufactured from a combination of steel and wood, the manufacturing and also performance of the patio doors and windows is almost the same. More straightforwardly, you can assume your patio doors as just big windows.

There are various reasons why many homeowners prefer patio doors. Some even replace their currently installed doors with new patio doors Toronto. From the appearance of these doors, you can guess the reason; they offer an unobstructed view and allow more natural light into your home. Another thing is that these doors are effortless to operate since you just slide them. The only shortcoming of these doors which homeowners are concerned with is the security. However, the modern patio doors have features that increase the security of the doors. Check it here. Ready to install new patio doors Toronto? Let’s go.

1. Standard Patio Doors Toronto.

Patio doors exist in a variety of standard sizes, depending on the breadth of their opening. If you want to install a new window in the existing window opening, the chances are the opening will accommodate the new windows.

However, if you want to create larger openings than the existing ones, then you would need to cut the space, which will have an impact on the replacement cost. So, to avoid incurring extra costs, it is recommended to purchase standard patio doors that will fit snuggly in the existing space without the need to make further modifications. Recommended standard patio doors Toronto sizes are as follows:

Width (inches)            Height (inches)

59 ½                             79 ½

58 ½                            79 ½ 

59 ½                            81 ½

59 ½                            95 ½

71 ½                            79 ½

71 ½                            81 ½

71 ½                            95 ½

70 ½                            79 ½

95 ½                            79 ½

95 ½                            81 ½

95 ½                            95 ½

2. Security Measures.

One main shortcoming which made patio doors unappealing option to homeowners is insecurity. Since they are exclusively made of glass, it was easy for anyone to break the glass and access your home interior. However, things have changed nowadays, and modern patio doors come with added safety features such as security bar and key locks.

3. Comparing Patio Doors and Garden Doors.

The major debate revolving on doors replacement is the right option to opt for between patio doors and patio garden doors. Some people say garden doors offer more security compared to patio doors. While they are manufactured using durable materials which offer them an advantage, that is not to mean patio doors are anything less than this. You can leave patio doors open and prevent insects from coming into your home a function that is not there in patio garden doors. The partial opening of the patio doors keeps your room well ventilated. Nevertheless, the choice of the style you choose will depend on your needs.