Questions you need to ask when hiring arborists

Is there anyone of us who really doesn’t know the importance of trees? I guess not. Trees literally supports life and without them we might have a very big problem.

This is the reason why trees should be taken care of. When we talk about caring of trees, some jobs are usually too large and can sometimes become dangerous hence should only be left for the professionals to handle them.

Some trees usually grow to high heights thus making the job to be a bit difficult and dangerous. For you to do this kind of work, you will need to get some special kind of training and experience for you to be able to do the job properly.

This is why we have arborists, like the people who work for –a tree service company These people are highly qualified with years of experience hence they do a very good job when it comes to taking care of the trees.

However, if you want to hire these people, you might need to ask some questions that will help you hire just the right person. Below are some questions we think might help when doing the hiring. You can also follow this link to see more on being an arborist

  1. Ask to see an updated insurance certificate and a work contract copy

This is probably the first question you should be ask before doing anything else. You should confirm if the company you are looking to hire is properly insured.

This way, you will be able to know that you won’t be responsible for any accidents, damages or injuries that might occur during the job.

  1. Ask to see their credentials

This is also another important question that you should ask. It is dangerous to hire people with no proper credentials as this might result in many problems during the work or in future.

It will be a good thing if you hire arborists with an ISA or TCIA certification. This way, you will be able to know that you are working with a well-known and registered company.

If they will be working close or over electrical conductors, they will need to be approved for line clearance too.

  1. Ask for reference

Ask the company if they can be able to provide you with some references. Of course a good company wouldn’t mind sharing with you some clients they have worked with in the past.

This way you can always ask the clients about the services of the company and if they would recommend the company. The referrals shouldn’t be more than two months ago. Ask for most recent clients.

  1. The estimates

Before you decide which company you want to work with, ask them to provide you with a detailed estimate of the whole project.

It is better if you can contact at least three companies and get the estimates from each of them. This helps you to compare the prices and finally pick the one you think suits your budget and will work best for you.

  1. How they intend to do the job and what equipment they will use

It is important that you know how the company will approach the work. The equipment or tools going to be used should also be brought to your knowledge.

You wouldn’t want a huge machine moving over your lawn or garden in the name of doing the job. Knowing how the job will be done will also help you to plan and make everything right.

This includes finding a way in which the workers can access the trees. Also make sure you know their policies with regards to any damages that might occur during the job.

  1. The timeline

Ask to know when the company intends to complete the work. The company working for you should be able to also tell you if they might need any additional time.

Working for an extended period of time might end up being costly. Also, you don’t want to hire a company that will take long to complete the work. Click here to see more things you need to know before hiring.


Just as said before, trees are life and therefore should be well taken care of. The tips above should be able to help you when looking to find a good company to maintain and take care of your trees.