Selecting a Manufacturing Partner for a New Feed Product

Developing feed for livestock and pets can be a lucrative business. Products that are healthy, supplements that can be added to regular dry food, or liquid blends that can introduce nutrients into the diet of older animals are always in demand. The current epidemic of obesity that is plaguing thousands of humans is also effecting many pets. Owners are seeking products that are healthier, have reduced amounts of fillers, and are made with no preservatives. A new product that addresses those needs may provide a start-up company with a signature line that establishes it in the industry.

There are several animal feed companies that can offer more than custom manufacturing services. Custom spray drying and blending of formulas by an experienced company can eliminate initial costs of machinery, space, and a full-time staff. Short or long runs are offered to accommodate the needs of any sized business. A small business can begin with a limited production to place the product on the shelves of a few stores and build a customer base. A large company can contract for a short run to test out a new formula or line. Once the product demand increases, production can be increased to meet the need. That prevents a business from losing a small fortune on any one product. Custom packaging is available as well. That will increase brand recognition and distinguish the new line from the competition.

At that point, most new companies have to search for another company to store and distribute inventory. The logistics of getting product from the manufacturing plant to the shelves can be difficult, if the business does not have trucks and drivers, or space to store the product in the time between manufacturing and distribution. Selecting a company that provides all those services will save time, money, stress. The entire process is easier so the feed company owner can focus on development, marketing, and building the new business. There are many risks to starting a new business, so finding a partner that can expedite the production of a new product, as well as get it to customers, will make a huge differences in the chances for success.