Steps Needed to Measure for Windows Replacement Toronto

While you may not be able to install new windows on your own, you certainly should be able to measure for them by yourself. But there are a few things to keep in mind when measuring for window replacement Toronto to ensure that you are doing it properly.

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Measuring for Windows Replacement Toronto

Tools Needed for Window Replacement Toronto

  • Ladder or step ladder
  • Paper & pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Slide Rule

Step 1: Measure the Width of the Window

Keep the general rule of “measure twice, count once” in mind when measuring for window replacement Toronto. This will ensure that you do not order the wrong size windows and have to reorder them, putting your window replacement project on hold. For the first step, use the slide rule or tape measure to measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the window, noting each measurement accordingly. Make sure to keep the width of the tape measure in mind when recording your measurements.  Measure from the surface of the window frame or jamb and not the extension that are keeping the window in place as this could cause out to misjudge the measurement.

Step 2: Measure the Window Lining

Most windows are designed with an aluminium or plastic liner for the jam in order to insert it in the vertical side of the window. This liner must be taken into account for window measurements. If you are unable to reach it to measure it properly, use the industry standard (½ inch). If you are able to access it, simply follow the steps above and record the measurement.

Step 3: Measure the Height of the Window

Regardless if you are measuring for total window replacement Toronto or retrofit windows (where you replace the window unit only and not the frame itself) you will need to measure the window height.  The best way to ensure that you get the proper measurement is to measure once on the left side, then the middle and finally on the right side. If you are measuring for high vaulted windows, always make that you measure from the highest point.

Step 4: Measure the Window Depth

Measuring the depth of the window is extremely important when measuring for window replacement Toronto. Take at least two measurements to ensure that you are getting the correct numbers. Record the depth between the stops in front of the frame of the window Most people neglect this step ad end up having issues with their window replacement. It always pays to follow these four steps when measuring for replacement windows.

It is always best to have a professional such as your contractor or a window installer to measure for window replacement Toronto to ensure that you are getting the correct measurements. Contact your local windows company for a free consultation and estimate.