The Benefits of Modern Vinyl Siding

The search for affordable home siding has always included vinyl products, but early versions were a little disappointing to consumers. Advances in manufacturing technology have made this siding an increasingly popular choice with an ever-growing customer satisfaction base.

Vinyl Siding Today Is a Far Cry from the 1950’s Versions

When vinyl siding first made an appearance for public consumption in the 1950’s, there were noticeable problems. The first products to hit the market had a problem with premature sun fading of color and the materials would become brittle in colder weather. Newer technologies have evolved the product into one of the most durable on the siding market.

The Advance from Cheap to Smart

Vinyl siding was first marketed as a “cheap” option to cover the outside of your home. It remains one of the more inexpensive options, but it is the overall value that makes vinyl siding the “smarter” choice. The lower price tag comes from the ability to manufacture the product easier, rather than due to a lesser grade of materials.

Low Maintenance and Air-Tight Fit

One benefit of modern vinyl siding is the ability to keep the surface clean with little effort. It repels damage better than any other siding product. The air-tight fit helps guard against moisture intrusion that establishes problems with mold and water damage in your home.

Zero Need to Remove Old Siding

Installation of vinyl siding does not require the removal of old materials. It is a cost savings benefit you can feel great about choosing. The quick installation capabilities combined with not having to remove old siding provides for one of the fastest results possible. Your home will seem transformed nearly overnight.

Color and Material Longevity

Fading off of the vibrant colors available does not happen as quickly as first vinyl products. Your siding will look great for years. A simple, quick wash will bring a dull look back to brilliant shine. Vinyl siding can last 20 years and more without any significant problems.

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