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A Closer Look at Addiction Treatment Options

If you are currently researching your addiction treatment options, you are not alone. Drug and alcohol addiction has been increasing in recent years all across the United States. Anyone reading an article like this is probably looking into addiction treatment options either for themselves or for someone they love. The good news is that there are more addiction treatment options than ever before, and people in the form of counselors and addiction advocates who can help you decide which treatment would be best for your situation.

You will find that drug addiction treatment options are plentiful and available in a variety of settings. These addiction treatment programs should be chosen based on the severity of the problem and how long the problems have been going on. When deciding on a particular treatment option you may want to consult your physician or an addiction expert like an addiction advocate to help you narrow down the choices and weigh the pros and cons of each.

If you are trying to free yourself from an addiction, the first step will usually be finding a good detox program. As you go through detox, it is likely that you will be going through intense withdrawal symptoms, which is why it is recommended that you go through detox in a medical setting, such as an in-patient addiction treatment facility. Through an in-patient addiction treatment program, you will receive valuable care options such as individual counseling, group counseling, medical care and support groups, all of which can make beating your addiction much easier than going it alone.
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Out patient addiction treatments are intermittent in nature because, instead of staying in a residential medical setting, you are released to go back home with your family. An out patient program will provide you with the same basic type of treatment as you would receive in an in-patient setting, including individual counseling and group counseling.
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Another option worth looking into is short term rehab, which is basically a kind of com-promise between in-patient and out patient care, and is often more practical for those who are caring for families and working while going through treatment. Though in-patient drug addiction treatment is generally regarded as the most effective method of treating addiction, the fact is that most people do not have the time or resources necessary for a long term stay in a treatment facility. Short term rehab provides people with brief stays in a treatment facility, and then ongoing support and out-patient care.

Anyone who is looking for good advice on which addiction treatment is best for their situation should begin by talking to an addiction advocate about their problem. Addiction advocates offer free addiction counseling services and can really help you figure out what to do in your situation. If you want to learn more about the addiction treatment options available to you, all you have to do is find an addiction advocacy group in your local area.