Tips to pulling off the minimalist look

Minimalistic décor creates a peaceful, sensual space where one can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and truly relax. Pulling off this popular home decor trend, however, isn’t as simple. There is a fine line between simplistic decor and a room with less stuff in it. Here are a few tips to creating an inspiring space without it looking plain and boring.

  1. Quality over quantity

You aren’t trying to fit as much as you can into a room and there won’t be much to distract the eye from badly chosen furnishings. Choose well-made, high-quality pieces that will make a statement. To achieve this look you will need to declutter your home. Keep very few well-chosen elements on display and pack the rest away in your cupboards.

You can create simple but effective shelving using laminate wood such as MelaWood. Melawood boards come in gloss and matt and an array of colours in natural and neutral tones to suit the minimalistic décor.

  1. Create balance

Balance is an important aspect of the minimalist look. A space should have a good balance between empty spaces and focal points as the empty space will create room to breathe while amplifying the space you want people to focus on.

  1. Turn on the light

Creating a light space does not necessarily mean adding more lamps. Natural light is best, so keep your window adornments to a minimum. If privacy is not an issue, keep your windows bare.Alternatively you could choose lightweight, neutral coloured curtains.

When adding artificial lighting choose one prominent light fixture to make a statement or more simplistic lighting such as strings of bare light bulbs.

  1. Choose neutral calming tones

For a truly minimalistic environment stick to neutral colours like whites, greys, and colours found in nature. Colour can be added in soft natural shades such as blues and greens.

Don’t be afraid to add texture and simple patterns to add some excitement. This can be done by using a naturally patterned MelaWood board in your bedroom or kitchen cupboards.