Why a Portable Air Conditioner May Be the Best Choice

There are a few options for cooling the home or office. Central air conditioning is ideal for large spaces. It is expensive to have installed, but can be quite efficient. Some systems have multiple zones to accommodate preferences. Wall mounted systems are quiet, out of the way, and work well in rooms with no windows.

Window units are energy-efficient, but can be a hassle. They take up the whole window which can drastically reduce the natural light and the view. Most units have to come out of the window and be stored during the winter. Some can be noisy and interfere with reading, watching television, or studying.

Portable Units

Free standing portable air conditioning units are perfect for most situations. They are lightweight and most are on casters. This makes them easy to move from room to room.

Those living in a small apartment, for example, can place the unit in the living room during the day and roll it into the bedroom on hot and humid nights. It is also convenient for those in small homes, senior living, dorm rooms, and small offices.


When searching for great value portable air con units, sizing is an important factor. If the unit is too small, the area will not get cool. Units that are too big will result in unnecessarily high utility bills. There are several guides online to help buyers determine the perfect size for the area to be cooled.

A small area, such as a room that is ten feet by twenty feet, only needs an eight-thousand BTU Unit. Larger spaces may require a fourteen-thousand BTU unit. BTU, or British thermal unit, refers to the rate of heat transfer needed to freeze one ton of water when it is used in cooling and refrigeration applications.

Other Considerations

Buyers will want to read descriptions carefully. Operating costs will vary so consider the overall monthly budget. Warranties will differ, depending on the quality of the brand. A five-year warranty indicates a company that is confident in the product.

Pricing is a major consideration as well. Buying online typically means lower pricing. Also search local stores for sales and promotions. That allows buyers to see the unit and take it home immediately.