Why Bed Bug Luggage Could Be a Traveler’s Best Friend

As anyone who lives in a major American city will testify, the age-old problem of bed bug infestations is new again. At one time the tiny insects were almost eliminated in the United States, but the poisons used on them were banned. That fact, added to a more mobile population, has allowed millions of the itch-causing creatures to invade buildings. With that in mind, there is now company offering bed bug luggage that keeps the insects from arriving via suitcases.

Bed Bugs Are Being Imported

The reason that luggage plays a role in bed bug control is that travelers are bringing the insects home from other countries. Unlike the U.S. many areas around the globe never got infestations under control, so they are still a part of everyday life. Even careful tourists can import a few of the bugs. They are nearly invisible and live comfortably in bedding, curtains, rugs, upholstery and closets. Bed bugs also lay a lot of eggs, are sturdy and very difficult to eliminate.

A Suitcase Can Fend Off the Problem

The principle behind luggage that helps prevent bed bugs is heat. The bugs can be destroyed if they are exposed to temperatures of at least 114F. Unfortunately, once they get out of travelers’ bags and settle into homes, it is nearly impossible to expose them to the needed temperatures. Keeping that in mind, the creators of bed bug-destroying luggage have included a heating coil that exposes contents to 140F heat. The suitcase can be plugged in and left for several hours, to ensure that it is pest free.

Bug Control Luggage Offers Additional Benefits

The suitcase designed to destroy bed bugs also has other benefits. It has a very hard outer shell made from polycarbonate. The design includes 4 gyroscopic spinner wheels, durable corner guards and a zippered lining that adds extra protection. The lock is TSA approved and, when tested, passed airport inspections without problems.

The United States is in the midst of a bed bug problem that is primarily caused by travelers importing the insects. However, an innovative business has introduced a suitcase containing a heater which destroys any bed bugs inside.