Why White Interior Design Will Never Go Out Of Style

Many interior design trends will come and go, but white never goes out of style. A versatile and timeless classic that you can easily blend in with any design trend—and a color you can turn to as your primary trend. Here are just a few reasons why white will never go out of style.
Perfect For Small Spaces
White is the perfect color palate for small rooms, or mid and large rooms that you want to make feel more spacious and open. Even if only on the walls, white will reflect color and make your room feel clean and comfortable.
Perfect For Every Design Style
It doesn’t matter what interior design trend you prefer, you can always work white into the mix. From minimalistic, to rustic, glam, beach-inspired, or country—white works on walls, furniture, art, and accessories.
The Perfect Contrast
While a white wall provides a neutral and reflective pallet, white doesn’t always have to be used as a neutral. Use with contrasting jewel tone furniture. For example, a vibrant turquoise arm chair that you accent with white throw pillows. Or go full on timeless chic and opt for a black and white room in a variety of textures, patterns, and prints. In this case, your jewel tone accents will serve as the perfect pop of color. Black and white is also super modern in bathrooms and kitchens.

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White On White With Tons Of Texture
For white on white to work, you must mix in a variety or textures. With an endless option, you could potentially decorate an entire room in white. Just make sure you have a mix of leather, velvet, sequin, tweed, silk, and other textured whites.
Make Your Metallics Pop
White is reflective on its own, but even more so when you mix white in with metal décor. Every metal is included, pewter, silver, steel, or gold. Even glass and mirrors stand out more on white walls, or next to white accents.
Shades Of White
In addition to playing with white on white textures, also consider shades of white. This goes well beyond creams and off-whites, to blue whites and yellow whites, or primarily white home accents with flecks of color or metallic. These shades of white will add more warmth to rooms than stark whites.
White It Out
If you have a love of vintage, want to give a piece of wooden furniture a new life, or want to disguise the flaws in your brick or wood—white it out. Sand it down, or prep it as the material requires, and paint it white. Even some metals can be painted white. The paint will erase the imperfections giving your favorite pieces new life.
No matter what your design preference you can easily work white into the mix, if not as focal point as a versatile and timeless neutral. If you need a few more white options checkout the latest collection by TMF 家匠.