Advantages of Replacing an Aging Air Conditioner

A well-maintained central air conditioning unit can last 20 years or more. However, systems that don’t get proper maintenance or that have to work harder due to poor insulation may only last 10 years. When an air conditioner starts to need more and more expensive repairs, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it with a brand new, efficient unit.

Better Efficiency

New air conditioners are more energy-efficient than ones manufactured 10 or more years ago. The advanced operation of the new equipment will help you save money on your monthly cooling bills. Because the system is new, it isn’t likely to break down. An hvac contractor williamsburg va homeowners trust will offer you warranty options for your new air conditioning unit.

Better Cooling

New air conditioners are cleaner and therefore better able to blow cool air through the ducts. The more efficient systems use less energy to keep a house cool and they are much more quieter than older units. When you replace your old, noisy air conditioner with a new one, you won’t even notice when it’s running.

Better Home Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home within the next few years, a new air conditioning unit can be an excellent investment. Not only will it keep your family comfortable while you live in the house, it will make the home more attractive to buyers when you’re ready to sell.

Although a new air conditioner may be an expense you want to put off as long as possible, you might actually be wasting money by keeping the old one. If you have to make repairs regularly and your current equipment isn’t getting your house cool, talk to a contractor about the costs versus benefits of keeping your old system for another year.


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