Cool World Map Poster That Will Amaze You

Our world never ceases to amaze us. Every day something unusual happens and our nature just changes every minute.

But not everyone can go and see those amazing places that our world offers.

I remember when I was a kid my parents took me with them on their trips around the world and I always have wanted a souvenir to remember those trips. I was too little to think about world map posters.

So I want to offer you to take a look at these 3 great map posters that can be an amazing reminder about your trips and a great element for your house decorations.

Monuments Poster

Have you ever visited all of the most famous monuments? Then you definitely need this one to remind you how great they are!

Trip Planning Map

I always struggle with planning my trip. That is why I bought this map where I plan all my trips and the best thing is – I can hang it on my office wall and everyone can see what I am up to.


I am one of those people who loves to take something with me from my trips around the world. Someone takes home tea cups, someone keychains, I order this amazing post form Grafomap.


I have all 3 of them, well, not the 3rd one because I haven’t received it yet.  But I bought it.

If you have something similar to share, please do, because it is very interesting what everyone else has to say about their world maps.

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