Different Rubble Removal Options

Removing rubble for a construction site is one of the first things that must be planned before construction even begins. Waste in South Africa is currently governed by various sections of legislation. From hazardous substances to mineral and petroleum resources, there is an Act is in place to protect citizens and the environment. It can be an expensive endeavour but it is necessary. Fortunately there are methods to discard rubble cost-effectively and creatively:

  1. You can do it yourself

Admittedly this is not the most practical or convenient method. Removing rubble requires workers, equipment, appropriate vehicles and it can be quite time-consuming. This will take a lot of organisation and it can turn into a full day’s work – if not more. If you insist on removing your construction rubble yourself, you also need to practice due diligence. You can be slammed with a hefty fine – or even a criminal charge – if you discard waste or rubble in areas where it is illegal to do so. If you decide to take on the challenge, be sure to read up on various laws and by-laws applicable in your area to avoid dumping.

  1. Recycle your rubble

Crushing companies process existing rubble and convert it into good-as-new building sand. Some companies will even separate your rubble for you. These companies process massive amounts of rubble and usually clear the rubble from your site as well. It is good for the environment and it is cost-effective!

  1. Hire a rubble removal company

Companies that offer site clearance services have the necessary equipment to remove building rubble as this is their trade. This is probably the most convenient method of removing rubble and these companies are surprisingly cost-effective. This is also the least time consuming method because essentially you don’t have to do anything but call the service provider and delegate the rubble removal. Rubble removal companies also practice due diligence as they can lose money and credibility if they are reckless in terms of where they dump rubble.