How To Have A Stress-Free Move

At one point or another in your life, you’ll move house. The reasons and conditions of the move can greatly vary. However, one thing that is constant in almost all moves is the stress. You always hear stories of people being pushed to their limits when preparing to relocate to a new home. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the following 5 tips, you’ll be able to have a stress-free move and to appreciate what’s important: an exciting adventure in your new home.

  • Plan ahead

Moving house isn’t something that you can just complete on the fly. It requires a lot of planning, organization, and attention. You’ll need to start the moving process early on, at least 3 months before your move. Get a head start so that you can book and finalize a moving date that works for you. Also, you’ll need plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. For example, these include all the paperwork for your new home, notifying banks, employers, and utility providers, as well as packing.

  • Keep a checklist

There are so many tasks involved with moving house. Gathering important documents, arranging home surveys with the movers, and inspecting your new home are just a few of the things you’ll need to do. With all of these tasks, it’s easy to lose track and become lost in what seems like endless chaos. This is where a moving house checklist comes in handy. Create one of your own or browse online for one. Following this list will help you stay on task and ensure that there’s nothing that you’ve missed.

  • Enlist help

You don’t have to go through this difficult period on your own. Ask your friends and family for as much help as possible, such as someone to look over your children and pets on the moving day. Also, getting assistance is especially useful while packing and loading all of your prized possessions. However, keep in mind that the quality of this kind of help won’t match the services of professional movers. With professionals, you’ll lower the chances of damaged items and injury. This will help reduce your workload significantly.

  • Get excited about your new home

In the midst of all the planning and preparation, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. For example, you might put so much attention on packing that you forget about the excitement of a new home. Instead, it’s important to remember that this is just the start of your new adventure. Even though the build-up to the move is tiring and stressful, motivate yourself by thinking about enjoying your new home. Perhaps set aside some time to plan how you’ll set up your new house as well as interior design plans. You can even start envisioning your plans for home improvement projects, such as replacing the kitchen cabinets or remodeling the bathroom.

  • Maintain balance in your life

With all the hectic back and forth that happens when you’re prepping for your move, it might seem that the move consumes your entire day. However, just like in other cases of stress, this is unhealthy and can even cause burnout in extreme cases. To counteract this, try to maintain balance and regularity in your life. For example, take one or two days to get away from packing to do things that make you happy. Spend a day out with your family, get some exercise, or even stay inside to read a book, as long as you feel relaxed. Also, don’t fall into the harmful cycle of always eating out or takeaways—instead, take the time to cook a home-cooked meal with your family. These little things will do a world of wonder to get your mind off of your move.