Cement polishing floors produce a natural impression and what it is. Polished cement floors can be combined with modern minimalist design furniture and striking colors.

Although the look looks simple, Cements polishing floors are not easy to manufacture. Requires experienced carpenters and materials of good quality. More info about flooring you can visit Grey Parquet Flooring

However, if you want to get a different space atmosphere, polishing cement floor is worth a try to be applied.

To get maximum result of polishing cement floor so that not easy cracked and even broken, can follow the following tips:


For ground-related floors it is necessary to compact the soil with a stamper. After the soil is solid, seal with sand with a thickness of 5 cm.


The floor has solidified then we are concrete. Rebates of concrete with steel reinforcement wire mesh M5 one layer. For concrete mixture can use 1 port land cement: 3 sand: 5 split stone. The thickness of the cast of this concrete is 8 cm.


The time lag between concrete and plastering process is at least one day after the concrete is dry enough. The next step is plastering with extra sand concrete with a thickness of 1.5 cm.

This plastering mixture is 1 port land cement: 3 sand. Use chicken wire, put on top of the concrete floor with hammered for position located in the middle of plaster.

Use of this chicken wire to prevent plastering cracks.

To plaster this you can also use the plaster of instant cement. You just pour water and can be used immediately.

Make sure the plaster is flat.


The time lag between plaster and Blend should not be long, after placing average maximum of 1 hour next pour the prepared Blend. This process is done so that the adhesion power to either plastering or monolith.

If you do not use instant Blend cement, you can make Blend cement by using port land cement or regular cement.

Before mixing it into cement, dissolve 1 kg of white glue first with a bucket of water. In order for this white glue to dissolve evenly better use a mixer to mix it.

Pour the cement into the bucket as much as 3/4 bucket, then pour the water mixed with white glue until the cement is submerged.

Leave it for a while until the bubbles disappear. Blend is ready for use.

To obtain the color of Blend cement that is not too dark, can be mixed with white cement. If you want other colors, use color cement for Blend.

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