How to Make Your Animal Hide Rug Really Style a Room Together

In a very busy home, a new beautiful animal hide rug that you have purchased to draw attention, can easily loose its appeal. This can be due to wrong positioning or the shape of the rug simply fails to match the shape of the room it’s placed in. Moreover, light and proximity to other eye-catching features in the room are also other factors that can affect the rug’s appeal.

Here are some several tips on how to ensure that your new animal hide rug stands out and receives the maximum attention it deserves. Genuine animal hide rugs rarely come cheap, so you will want to get the most out of them.

1. The Choice of Colour

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the colour choice. On one hand you can factor in the colour scheme of your room when shopping for a rug, and pick one that complements the room. On the other hand, you can be daring and choose a rug colour that is uniquely different, thus drawing attention as it stands out. Of course, you are not going to choose colours that clash necessarily, but you could for example match blues with black or reds with black.

2. The Environment

To be discernibly different, your animal hide rug will require some empty space around it. Placing it in the shadow of the tallest piece of furniture will not work as the rug will be absorbed by the tall height of the furniture. Rather, you should place the rug near short pieces of furniture in a room, or if you happen to have a bigger room, try to give the rug some space around it.

3. The Eye Line

Obviously, you can draw attention to your beautiful animal hide rug by simply using other attractive items in conjunction with it. Many people purchase rugs to stand other pieces of furniture on them. Coffee tables are a great option, because they are usually put in the centre of a room. It’s even better if it’s a glass-topped coffee table, because it will allow for a bigger view of the eye-catching rug via the transparent glass surface. You can also place floor-standing indoor plants on one corner of the rug or near the rug. Plants naturally capture attention; therefore your rug will also have great visibility.

4. The Type of Rug

If money is not an issue and you do not have a strict budget to follow, you will want to pick cowhide rugs, sheep skin rugs or reindeer hide rugs, you can opt to mix and match a variety of animal hide rugs in your home. For instance you can put a cowhide rug in the living room, a reindeer hide rug in the master bedroom, and the sheepskin rugs in the kids’ bedroom.

While shopping for the best animal hide rug, do not let other people influence your choice, pick the rugs you feel you’ll love the most and the rugs you feel will bring beauty and comfort to your home or office.

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