How To Remove Stain On Carpet?

A carpet decorates, shelters and can completely transform an environment. Of course, to always look like the first day, it is necessary to maintain it properly. Here you have the advice so that it is always perfect!

For Each Type of Carpet Maintenance

If you have a wool rug , it is best to vacuum it once a week. In case it is very new, wait until it is a little used. And if it is a knotted carpet , it is even better to clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth and letting it dry.

As for cotton carpets , other than vacuuming, you can also wash them in cold or dry water.

The carpet fibers, if they are synthetic – nylon, polyester or polypropylene – are very hardy and easy to keep clean, and if plants , it is best vacuuming daily or, if heavily soiled, clean them dry; For coconut carpets, specifically, uses a rigid brush for dry cleaning.

What Stain do You Want to Remove?

With fruit stains, coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, wine, sauces or egg it is best to use warm water with neutral detergent and vinegar. Apply the solution with a damp sponge, after a while clean it with a rag and let it dry.

If you want to remove oil, ink, wax, bitumen, cream, grease or tar stains, you should use a solvent for dry cleaning. And for paint stains, acetone, nail polish, carmine or chewing gum, after applying solvent for dry cleaning, they must be moistened with a solution of warm water with neutral detergent and vinegar, and finish with a new application of the solvent.

And in case the stain on carpet that we want to remove is of mud or dirt, it would have to be left to dry well and once dry, to brush it to apply later a preparation of water and ammonia – three parts of water by one of ammonia.

In all cases, before applying the cleaning product, you must test the resistance of the colors of the carpet in a barely visible corner of this and apply the products gently. Different case is if we want to do a deep cleaning of our carpet. For this, it is advisable to go to specialized centers and specify the quality of the carpet to ensure a proper carpet repair, before which should perform a small test in a place not visible to ensure optimal results without damaging the piece.

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