In which direction should your front house door

Do you believe that house door direction can bring in prosperity, wealth and health? Hope you understand the fact is being said here. According to some expert astrologists who claim this that it is very helpful keeping in mind door’s position. So, in which direction you should keep your home main door when building a new house?

Door Direction

North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity. Others also claim this and demonstrate that people must consider this fact as it can be more beneficial for their progress in life.

What Modern Home Makers Should Choose

In western countries, many people do not believe in these things and ignore. But, the architecture can suggest them if they are not preferring any direction but should go for sunrise direction. I am very much sure about this that they will not deny this advice because the rays of the sun can be conducive for your health along with your home’s health.

Why shouldn’t choose other directions

The door facing South East is said to be a door which brings in illness, anger and court matters. Therefore, while buying a new property where are you planning to build a new home with cash advance, should be in right direction.

Can it be helpful?

Most of the time I have seen that people get suggestions from experts who know where the door should be. From my personal experience, it should be in the north-west.

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