Low Budget Home Improvement Ideas

A smarter home for less cash.

Is 2018 the year for home improvement? If so then you’re going to need a big budget for it, right? Well, not necessarily. If you’re planning to add an extension or convert your loft then you’re going to need thousands to play with. However, if you have less ambitious plans then there is a lot that you can do in terms of home improvement, even if you have a low budget. Improving your home doesn’t mean you need to take on more debt than you can afford – you don’t need to use doorstep cash loans or a bad credit loan if you don’t have a healthy credit score just to have a nice home.

Repaint your home

You can bring a whole new lease of life to your home with a fresh coat of paint in each room. It costs just $100 or so to start home improvement with paint and this is something that anyone can do themselves without professional help. Choose your colours carefully then watch a few video tutorials for tips and tricks to help you ensure a professional finish.

Install a dishwasher

It may sound like a big investment but the cost of white goods has dropped significantly in recent years and you need just a couple of hundred to get a good dishwasher installed. Not only does this add to the value of your kitchen but you’ll also save money on an ongoing basis thanks to the water you can save – if you’re washing by hand you’ll use 40% more water.

Paint your floors

If the flooring in your home has seen better days you don’t have to pay for expensive wood treatments or new carpets. Painting floors is a simple and very effective home improvement that can create a great finish for just $50 or so per room.

Fit new kitchen cabinet doors

You don’t need to buy a whole new kitchen to achieve improvements in the room in the house that often takes the most impact from daily life. Simply replace your cabinet doors instead – you’ll pay much less to do this and it’s far less time consuming too. The end result will feel like a whole new kitchen.

Regrout the bathroom

Grouting around tiles and the edge of the bath looks very unattractive once it starts to get old and stained. Regrouting the bathroom is a very simple task that requires very little in the way of resources, other than tools to remove the old grout and fresh grout to apply afterwards. If you don’t have a lot of cash for home improvements this is an easy way to make a big difference to your bathroom.

Change the lampshades

Lampshades gather dust, they can fade and stain over time and they also date a room if they have been there for years. New lampshades for every room in your home will ensure that you get the most from your light fittings and give each space a fresh new feel.

Improve the ventilation

Bad ventilation can quickly cause problems, from damp, stained paint to mould build up. Spend a couple of hundred on adding extra ventilation to rooms like the bathroom and kitchen and your space will stay smart for longer.