The beginners guide to the intense colour trend

Have you seen the 2018 colour and trend predictions? All I can say is “Wow, this is going to be fun!”

In 2018 and the months leading up to it we will see people become more daring with their colours and move from the currently popular grey tones to deep pinks, yellow and gold tones, and even oranges and dark greens. But, before you run to the nearest hardware store for a tester pot of salmon-coloured paint that you will paint on a corner of your lounge and then hide with a couch – read this guide to using intense colours.

  1. Too much of anything is bad for you.

A yellow feature wall? Cool! An entire yellow room…. hand me the sunglasses! When choosing to use a bright and daring colour in your home it is best to pair the colour with one or two other complimentary or analogous colours. Your velvet purple armchair will stand out better against a pale green or pink wall than a purple wall that showcasesthe same tone as the chair.

  1. Match wall colours to your furniture.

Painting your house is fun, but most people don’t want to replace their furniture to match their new paint. Have a look at the colour and tone of your current wooden furniture and choose wall colours and accent pieces accordingly. You may also choose to paint your old wooden furniture to give it new life, but remember that laminated wood panel products do not take kindly to paint.

  1. Don’t be afraid of gloss features.

Along with intense colour trends comes a love for gloss and metalics. PG Bison’s MelawoodSupaGloss range includes an excitingCandyRed board and my personal favourite, a Lime Green, that are both perfect for a trendy kitchen makeover. Personally I think PG Bison’s Lime Green SupaGlossboard is a perfect match for Plascon’s Genevieve Song purple.

  1. Be brave.

The current décor trends are wonderful as they allow for creativity and give you the opportunity to wonder from the path. Whether you are sporting a bohemian home or planning for a more nature-themed style there will be a fun colour that you can incorporate with your new look. Don’t stress about not getting the trend spot on – they all overlap somewhere along the way and it’s better to be unique!

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