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Since the operation of a roller blind, depending on the different roller blind types, strong tensile forces acting on the connections and brackets, a fixed, screwed fixation is recommended. But when mounting on the sash, it is also possible to attach a blind without drilling holes by simply clamping the brackets on the window frame.

The Leaves

This leaves the window undamaged, it saves any trouble with the landlord and you can easily remove the brackets. Therefore, especially in rental housing, the rollomontage without drilling is a much used solution that is offered safely in every roller blind shop. Clamp brackets are available for almost all roller blind models; even cassette blinds or double blinds can be mounted safely, cleanly, quickly and silently. Some roller manufacturers also offer adhesive mountings, which are particularly suitable for light roller blinds such as Roman blinds, Bind rollos and ribbon roller blinds. The right Curtains supplier will be able to help you out with this.

  • Prerequisite for drilling without clamps is the possibility to open the window. For fixedly framed windows this version is not applicable because the clamp supports are hung on the upper profile of the window frame and tightened. On the clamp carrier then the blind holder is latched or screwed and then attached the blind on it.
  • It does not matter if you decide on roller blinds made of fabric or for a pleated blind , a double blind , a Roman blind or bamboo blinds, if you want custom-made blinds, it is important to be clear when entering the dimensions of the assembly. Because you would choose for the same window a roller blind with clamp, a roller blind with mounting in the glass strip or a roller blind with wall mounting, always different heights and widths should be entered. Likewise, fittings and handles must be taken into account when measuring.

When drill-mounting with clamp beams, you should also know that there is always a certain distance between the shade material and the window. As a result, complete blinds cannot be created with pinch roller blinds, since a lateral incidence of light between the roller blind fabric and the window surface is possible. If you want to mount your blinds to darken the window, mounting options with side panels are the better solution. However, these must then be screwed. Here, the brackets for the roller blind are bolted directly or with appropriate angles.

Here, the fabric jams on the side and takes light from the room. Roman blinds and wooden blinds, which are usually mounted in a fall or on the ceiling, solve this problem. However, they need space to the top. And not too close: “It happens again and again that someone screwed on a system and only then notices that the windows cannot be opened,” warns West Meier. An alternative are blinds or spring blinds, which are mounted in or on the window frame. A “short haircut” can also be recommended in terms of the spatial effect: in elongated rooms with high windows, they can reinforce the tendency towards the vertical, for example, while wide jumping and Roman blinds or blinds set a horizontal counter accent.