Tips to make you small house a bigger one

As the situation of the current economy it is very difficult for a guy who is getting his salary and not owing his own business to buy a bigger house. He feel very congested in his house with smaller areas. But you don’t need to worry this list will help you to make your congested house look bigger and you will have a much extra space.

So the list have follows point which can be done by your own self and you don’t need a professional to do that.

So the first thing I have in my list is to use white paint on your wall this will not help you to get some extra space. Combining these with other option on the list this will make your house look much bigger than any other dark color paint. According to a study white paint is much lighter than any other colors and it make the person mind to think unconsciously that he is standing in a much wider space than it actually is.

Use multipurpose furniture

Following that step the next step will help you save a lot of space in your house. This step includes to use multipurpose furniture in your house so one item will just not serve for one purpose you can use it for multipurpose and this will not just save your space but also your money because you have to but one thing instead of two or three. For example a sofa com bed just not used as a sofa or a bed it can be used for both purposes and it will take much less space than both sofa and bed. Similar to that backless chairs also work as a chair to sit on as wee as the coffee or tea table for you.

Use space underneath your stairs

Third step is a very important one and every house has it but no one put their minds to it that it can also be used to save space in your house that is the empty space underneath your stairs. No one put their attention to that .it is consuming a larger area than it should be and this empty space can be put to a greater use. We can stack up our that stuff which we don’t usually use and more than that if you can hire a professional to make cabinet under their it will be very helpful for us to put our cloths or anything in them.

Add shelf’s and make your garage a room

Last but not least install as mush shelf’s in every room of your house so you can put you stuff up their rather than lying on the floor. These shelf’s can help to stack up your books, lamps and vans. More than that you can place beautiful things like clocks and mugs up there. In the end make your garage a room this will make an extra living space for your house. You can get your garage door permanent shut by any door service like kanata garage door Repair Company. This will help you make your house look bigger.

So these are some of the tips that will help you to make that extra room in your house which you always need.

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