They Say A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. In the housing market these days, no agent would consider taking a property on to their books without having some kind of visual representation, whether it’s a photograph of an existing building or an artist’s impression of a new-build yet to be completed.

However, photographs can be deceptive. The angle and focus of a picture can make a room look considerably larger than it is, and you can’t see beyond the edges of the image. In the past decade or so, more agents have been incorporating floor plans into their property selling tools. Now many sellers insist on having a floor plan. In fact, most home-buyers rate floor plans as being as important as any photographs.

What’s in a Floor Plan?

Architects and builders rely on plans. Professionally produced drawings to scale, using standard symbols and measurements, are essential to convey a … Read the rest

Reinforce Interior And Exterior Plaster Work

Plaster mesh is used to reinforce interior and exterior plaster work. It protects against cracking while increasing strength and forming a skeleton for plaster to grip to. Plasterers’ mesh can be composed of either metal or fibreglass depending on type of use. For example, when plasterwork is liable to encounter extremes of temperature, chicken wire may be the smart choice owing to its structure.

Focus on Fibreglass

Fibreglass is alkali-resistant and lightweight, making it ideal for interior plastering use. Whether you’re using fibreglass for taping plasterboard joins or repairing cracks in existing plaster, fibreglass plasterers’ mesh will not rip or tear and is anti-corrosive. This kind of mesh can also be easily attached to a wall using staples or plaster to hold it in place.

Fibreglass plasterers mesh is easy to cut with a Stanley knife before being applied to the wall and fixed in place with dabs of plaster. … Read the rest

Obtaining Planning Permission

Obtaining planning permission for a project can be a lengthy and costly process. For this reason, homeowners looking to improve their properties want to be sure their plans will have a good chance of being approved before they submit them. Local authorities commonly provide a pre-planning advice service – a usually informal process where a planning officer will look at the proposed development plans and provide their opinion and advice. This allows applicants to make amendments to their plans before making their submission in order to increase their chances of success.

Rejected Applications

The reason for submitting a planning application is so that the local authority can ensure there will be no negative impact on the surrounding area. Neighbours are given the chance to comment on issues that may affect them, such as privacy, noise or other types of disturbance. Planning officers will also need the relevant research to be … Read the rest

Hayter Lawn Mowers

A healthy, velvety lawn can be one of the jewels in your garden. While a vigorously emerald expanse of grass requires good soil, sun and possibly fertiliser, it also needs to be groomed with an excellent mower. There is no point putting care and effort into nurturing your lawn only to butcher it with dull blades or by chopping it off at the wrong height and ruining all your hard work.

Not all mowers are created equal, which is why it is absolutely vital to invest in a high-quality piece of equipment that will do your precious lawn justice and give you the finish you expect and deserve. For your lawn to look its best, it needs the best mower you can buy.

The Queen’s Choice

The company was established in 1946, and Hayter lawn mowers are used by homeowners and gardening professionals across the UK and have earned a … Read the rest