5 Signs You Need New Office Desks

5 Signs You Need New Office Desks

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There comes a time when you cannot put up with your office chair anymore. You must be tired of working in a confined space as more and more work is dumped on you with each passing day. Although you would not welcome the prospect of spending money on new furnishing you should not wait until it becomes an emergency. The right office desk is necessary for your comfort and it will make a huge difference to your office while improving your productivity and comfort.

You can talk to many suppliers such as online desks in Sydney which will provide you desks which are suitable for your needs. Many people working 9 to 5 might complain of certain back and muscular pains which might occur because of incorrect posture due to the inaccurate height of their working desks. If you are constantly going through muscle pain, then you need to consider upgrading your desk so that you can work while being comfortable at the same time.

  1. You are experiencing pain:

Although that fancy chair and desk that you purchased a couple of months ago might still look great and fulfill their purpose but now are serving as a liability for your health. If you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable as the day passes by, it is evident that you need to replace your desk. Since you work for long hours while you are in the office, you need to be comfortable when you are focusing on your work so that you can fully concentrate on it and be productive at your job. If you feel that you cannot fully stretch your body while you are working or that the desk is too small for you it will be better for you to update your desk and get one that is suitable for you.

  1. You do not have enough space:

When you initially bought that desk it served you well but now you have become congested due to the additional responsibilities that you have been given. You need ample space to work since many different things need to be addressed simultaneously and you will find yourself paying attention to different projects at the same time. If you feel that your current desk can no longer cater to your needs it will be better if you upgrade it and find a suitable one which can meet your demands.

The nature of your job also plays a role for instance; if your job is to deal with the paperwork and you are struggling to deal with the stacks that you have to deal with. It means that you do require a desk that can provide you with ample space to complete your work and be comfortable.

  1. Your desk is of inaccurate height:

Most of the employees who require a change in their desks are because it is short for their height. If you find yourself stretching or stooping to work then you need to change your desk too. Although it does require some time to get it changed and have one which suits your height you need to know the importance of working in comfort while you are working. Even if you feel uncomfortable going to your supervisor for requesting a change just keep in mind that it is necessary because it might hinder your work quality.

So if your approval gets acceptance then you’ll be comfortable while working which will improve your performance and productivity at work. Remember that you should never compromise as far as your health is concerned since all these backaches that you deal with can lead to severe back problems later on in your life.

  1. Your desk is getting worn out:

Perhaps the most obvious step that you need to change your desk is when it has worn out. Worn out a furniture is a huge liability because you can never predict that at what moment it will be completely useless. Worn out desks may damage your documents which can lead to severe consequences as others’ tasks might also be dependant on you. Always remember that while you are dealing with important matters you need to make sure that you have all the necessary resources so that you can attend to these matters effectively.

  1. The storage issue is becoming a major issue:

Have you got huge stacks of files on your desk which are a major headache for you? If yes, then you are familiar with the lack of storage which is a major issue that many office workers face. Storage space is necessary in offices since you need a safe place to store your necessary documents so that you can work on it when you are free. There are many modern office furniture that provides innovative storage facilities so that you can safely store your document without worrying about them.


To summarize, always remember that if you feel any inconvenience while using your desk you should never shy away from asking to get your desk changed since the function of your desk is to provide you comfort while you are working rather than making your work life miserable. If you are too tall for your desk and feel that your desk makes you confined and are not able to stretch your legs while sitting, it is a good idea that you get a replacement that is suitable for your height.