Bathtub Refinishing: What To Do When Your Tub Is Peeling

Bathtub Refinishing: What To Do When Your Tub Is Peeling

Homeowners know that regular maintenance around the house keeps everything running smoothly. Scheduled HVAC checkups, checking sinks and faucets for leaks and cleaning your gutters can help maintain your property value.

House maintenance chores can also save you from problems in the future. For example, regular checkups of your house’s electrical system can help pinpoint problems and prevent accidents like fires.

In the case of your bathroom, inspecting the space for problems with plumbing and leaks can help save you tons of money in terms of the water bill and replacing fixtures. Tubs, however, are expensive fixtures. We expect them to last for many years. However, they are not immune to wear and tear.

If your tub is peeling, scuffed, chipped or looking old there is no need to buy a new one. Bathtub refinishing can make your tub look brand new again at a fraction of the cost.  

Why Is My Tub Peeling? 

Old tubs were usually coated in glazed porcelain while new tubs are covered in polyurethane glaze. Both of these materials can last for many years. However, wear and tear, water damage, harsh cleaners, poor refinishing and sudden temperature changes can cause your tub to peel.

Since many of us use our tubs daily for bathing and washing, changes in water temperature, pressure and accidents like dropping something on the tub can cause its protective layers to break causing water seepage. Over time, the glazing will crack and break causing unsightly peeling, scuffs, cracks and chips.

When this happens, it’s time to refinish your bathtub. Not only will it preserve your tub and make it last longer, it will give you an opportunity to pick a new color so that your bathroom looks refreshed. 

What Is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, sometimes called bathtub reglazing or bathtub resurfacing is the process of giving your tub’s surface new protective layers so that you can still use it for many years to come.

There are many bathtub refinishing kits available in the market. However, refinishing a tub by yourself can be a big endeavor. It requires the use of chemicals, elbow grease and time. Hiring a bathtub refinishing company is not only convenient, they can do the job quickly so that they are in and out of your house in a day.

Reglazing a tub requires professionals to clean the tub thoroughly. Next they will sand the tub in order to remove the old glaze, to smooth out bumps and reveal imperfections. The technicians will then repair damage by filling in cracks and chips. Once the repairs are done, the pros will then coat the tub with a layer of primer and then spray it with a topcoat.

Once these layers are cured, technicians will buff the tub to a shine. You will now have a new looking tub within the day without spending a fortune.

How Long Will A Refinished Bathtub Last?

Generally speaking, a refinished bathtub is good for another 10-15 years. During this time, you need to take care of it regularly. Clean your bathtub using mild detergent and cleaners only. This will ensure that the protective layers stay intact. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning or using hard scrubbing tools like stiff brushes, steel wool or industrial grade scrubbing pads. Stick to soft sponges or microfiber cloths for scrubbing your tub. This will prevent scratches from forming thus and protect your tub from water damage. 

Inspect surfaces regularly to check for scratches, chips and scuffs. The sooner these issues are addressed, the longer your tub will last.

Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

One of the best benefits of bathtub refinishing is savings. New bathtubs are expensive and installing them will cost even more money. Refinishing however, is cheaper and easier. There is no need to remove the old tub, buy a new one and have it installed. 

Another reason to consider tub refinishing is because it is very convenient. There is no need to rip anything off or to replace fixtures and buy new ones. Everything stays in its place. 

Best of all, bathtub refinishing can be done in a day. The pros are very quick with their job since they have the experience and necessary tools. You will have a new looking tub in less than 24 hours and it will be ready to use after 48.

Take Away 

Regular use of our bathtubs will create wear and tear. However, a new bathtub is not the only answer to a peeling tub. Opting for bathtub refinishing is a quick and convenient solution to your old bathtub problems.