Should You Remodel Your Home Before Moving In

Painting, like this guy, is the first thing you do when you remodel your home before moving in

If you are wondering if you should remodel your home before moving in, the answer is both “yes” and “no”. There are numerous benefits in making practical improvements to your home. However, it’s not always the right time and situation to go along with remodeling plans. If you are thinking about the future long-term value of your home, a few improvements here and then can help to keep your house in “a good shape”. Not to mention all the benefits for you and your family if you organize the living space to your needs. On the other side, starting a major remodeling right before you move in is probably something that should wait for a while. Getting to know your new home for at least a couple of months before starting more serious remodeling projects is probably better.

Should you remodel your home before moving in?

There is no issue that there are some necessary thing everyone should do when moving to a new place. Right after the primary inspection, you will have a pretty much solid picture of the real condition of a house. Necessary things before moving to a new place are:

  • Change all locks
  • Check if there are any leaks
  • Close inspection of your bathroom and kitchen
  • Diagnostic of alarms and detectors
  • Check electric and water installations
  • Inspect the structure of the whole place

If this is your dream house, you will have to repair and renovate some of these things before moving. You will need to know how to assess the costs of relocation and add the cost of repairs, in order to have a more realistic picture of complete expenses.

Nice house, ready for moving in

Even if the house looks great, you will have to check a couple of things.

Things to concern when remodeling before moving in

Be aware of the cost

While trying to stay on the budget is usually the main concern for all of us, sometimes it happens we over calculate and overlook some costs. Yes, you can reduce the later costs if you finish some remodeling before you move in. However, another cost emerges in the process. The cost of paying for two homes while remodeling is ongoing. If you already sold your old house you will have to rent another place for a while if you want to avoid “living in the construction site”. And your house will most likely look like that if some major remodeling is in progress. You can choose to live with relatives for a while, but then you will have to move twice. In that case, you can check the Master Moving Guide website for much useful information about moving.

It’s not comfortable if it last long

It can be frustrating, for you and your family, if the remodeling process will take a lot of time. You want to settle in your new home as soon as possible, not to drag your luggage around for more than necessary. This “temporary” solution can be really exhausting, especially for the kids.

What about your kids and pets?

You need to be really careful if all of this involves your kids. Because situation like this can have some serious consequence to the little ones. Remember when you were planning and talking to them about their new home, new room, and new school? Well, kids can be impatient at times and this disruption of their routine can make the whole moving process more challenging the longer it lasts. Furthermore, it can lead to sleep disturbances and a lack of appetite. Also, your pets can be upset as well with the constant changes you all experience together.

Feet, dirty from paint while renovating home.

If you involve your kids in activities, it can be fun for all.

You may have a better insight after living there for a while

This is an important thing. Of course, you are done with checking your new place, you have everything on paper, and you made a lot of decisions involving your new home. However, the best way to properly plan your remodeling options is to live in the house for a while. You don’t want to finish with your new expansion only to find out that it’s was not such a good idea. Not only that you will waste your valuable time, but it will also cost you more than necessary. You will seriously have a better insight if you spend there at least eight months before considering any major remodeling. Furthermore, you never know if some additional issues may occur. And, your lifestyle, room usage, routines, and needs may change in this new environment.

People need resting and adjusting period after moving

Moving to a new place is not only about switching your home. It’s about changing habits, friends, maybe a job, and definitely the school for kids. It brings many difficulties and both you and your kids need to adjust. First, moving is a demanding process and you will need some time to rest from it. Second, no matter how cheerful and adventurous your moving day went, the whole situation brings a lot of stress. Your mind and body need some time to regenerate so you can move forward. In other words, you don’t need another demanding task right away. Take some time, relax, explore your new home and neighborhood, and meet some new friend. Who knows, you might even gather some useful tips from a neighbor that moved before you.

Take some time to carefully prepare for more serious projects

You can start planning remodeling solutions after you find yourself more familiar with the place. Your adjustment period is over, you are fresh as new, and you consider it is the time to deal with improvements. Good, you can start by contacting contractors and other professionals first. Check laws and regulations in your neighborhood about any rules that may apply to your plans. Choose the right season for major work and think about even the smallest details in your plan. For instance, you need to schedule the disposal of construction debris in time. Not every season is good for it and not every city has the same regulations about it.

Construction worker on site, doing his job.

Check all regulations before any remodeling job.

Finally, if you plan to do some major projects you should consider not to remodel your home before moving in. Yes, it can look like a construction site at times, but later remodeling has its own benefits. For start, you can organize your remodeling better. Then, you won’t have to worry about additional storage for your belongings. In the end, you will be at your own place, on your own ground, and take your own pace for any task ahead.