What are Canvas Prints and What are their Advantages?

What are Canvas Prints and What are their Advantages?


The photo on canvas is quite simply a printing technique which makes it possible to put a photo on a painter’s canvas. There are large-format image prints on canvas frames to best meet your expectations and allow you to enhance your walls with a personal shot and decorated in a very original and refined way. If you are a fan of art and love to decorate your home with it then you can find some great canvas prints online to meet your needs.

Photo printing technique on canvas

The fabrics used are most often in linen or cotton. This canvas is then coated with glue which will serve to plug certain holes and to make the surface completely smooth and homogeneous. The canvas which is used for digital printing has a basis weight between 300 and 450 gr / m².

It should not be believed that the grammage has a consequence on the quality of the printing because it is about a whole precise technique implemented to have a result of high quality. The photo is then printed directly on the canvas using different types of ink so that it is best absorbed and the details stand out. It is, therefore, possible to use aqueous inks or even solvent inks.

You should know that water-based inks (aqueous are more sensitive and absolutely need an absorbent surface to give a good result). It is, therefore, necessary to put a waterproof coating on the canvas to use this technique.

The canvas mounted on a wooden frame

As for a painting, the photo on canvas is therefore mounted on a wooden frame to stretch it and which is chosen according to your preferences because you can find different sizes. Most of the time, the landscape or marine format is used to have a beautiful rendering but also because of digital printing techniques, this is simpler and less expensive.

A magnificent painting to own at home

The photo print on canvas is, therefore, a magnificent painting to have at home to enhance a personal photograph and to keep it for many years. You will have the impression of having the painting of a great artist on one of your walls and all your guests will be captivated by this decorative object. It is also a nice gift to give to a loved one

A photo is placed on a canvas to express artistic works; this way of proceeding is more advantageous in the eyes of fans of works of art. This, thanks to the marriage of materials made of canvas between the advanced technique (printing of images).

This fact generates much more profit on the board. Besides, it’s always nice to see printed fabrics. However, the drawback is that it cannot have higher endurance than that of other materials. Otherwise, everything can’t really last forever, especially when it comes to ecological matters. On this, I will detail the good and bad facets of the photo on canvas. Come to www.photo-sur-toile.info to find out more.

First, let’s talk about the benefits of using a good printed fabric

A photo on canvas, a work that is worth it

Resistant to ultraviolet rays and humidity, this natural material lasts at least 2 years. This thanks to a higher quality printing and varnished to the point of being similar to an oil painting. This opening gives the drawing a dazzling look!

Sublime, the canvas offers an even more refined rendering than that of ordinary photos. In fact, we are totally against opinions that say that photos on canvas are only designed for an old interior. We can very well connect tradition with modernity. On a canvas, you just have to pay a little more attention to the colour of the walls to enhance the decor.

Revolted compared to the drawing printed on a paper. In fact, Bristol paper has what it takes to be beautiful, but it is easily destroyed, unlike fabric. In addition to this, the canvas does not lose its consistency and its beauty by dint of folding it on a frame. It offers greater resistance thanks to the acrylic coating.

Artistic – For a specific decoration, natural materials give an incomparable touch to the images. The fabric is all there is to it; it expresses authenticity so it is better to opt for it to sublimate the classic value. The most amazing thing, among other things, is the sheer aesthetic beauty. Also, you can choose any type of fabric such as jute (a coarse fabric made with textiles extracted from the stems of a tiliaceous plant), bake, canvas (loosely woven on which we perform the tapestry).

A photo on a plastic or plexiglass material is more beneficial

The disadvantage of the canvas compared to this option is endurance and durability. In fact, the plastic material is more ahead of that of fabrics in terms of maintaining cleanliness. Plexiglass makes the photo waterproof, a criterion that hoists the title of a glazed drawing.

In addition to this, the material with which it is designed can serve its own framework since this material is hard. This makes them profitable because it will no longer be necessary to buy the chassis. This minimizes spending when making a purchase. In addition, plastic and Plexi are not degradable.

Plexiglass or glass offers deep and brighter images because the colour of the figure is more undermined in this material. The canvas one is duller and less bright compared to this one. The rendering is correct and assimilated on the plexiglass.

The chassis is a biodegradable material, and it deteriorates easily. Over the years, under the weather the wood becomes moist and it produces larvae detrimental to its cleanliness. Suddenly the frame is no longer usable, unlike plexiglass.

Same for canvas, this material also catches rot quicker and easier compared to plexiglass. Moreover, vegetable fibres cause prints to deteriorate over time.

In terms of size, solid materials are more advantageous because you can get a large-format painting. That said, tissue cannot have a large extent because it can destroy its consistency.

Basically, the canvases are works of art that deserve to be chosen, because they fill the void in an interior. Its beauty and elegance due to the sobriety of the print that they reflect are still as fascinating. The marriage between tradition and modernity is a trend that still has its place at the level of society. Because this phenomenon revives the past while living in the present moment. The only concern is about size and conservation. Modern products have something to offer this criterion.