Where To Install A Whole House Water Filter

Where To Install A Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter is known as a Point-of-Entry water filter. So the Best place to install a Whole house water filter in your house is where your municipal connection main pipe is near. If you install the main pipeline, then it will distribute everywhere in your house. Best Whole house water filter requires plumbing in 3 months, so it is good to install Whole house water filter nearest place and easily accessible.

Nearly Shut-off valve and Upstream of Water Heater is also an excellent choice to install Whole House Water Filter, Any of your appliances are uses hot water then they do not suffer from water contaminants, and it will increase the life span of water heater too. You don’t install Whole House Water filter by yourself, to install it needs to plumbing work. Whole House Water Filter uses various filters for different filtration processes, so it requires proper installation.

If you have any water softener installed at your home, then it is good to install the Whole House water filter before or after it? Water Softener is used to remove hardness from water; it removes chlorine, prevents ion-exchange, and prevents calcium and magnesium concentration. If you installed before softener, then these changes are affected.

If you install after Water Softner, then the flow rate of water will decreases while it enters into Whole house water filter. So, the best option is to Install a Whole house water filter with a water softener in it.

In Size, the Whole house water filter System needs ample space. Choose the place where the system is not blockage more space. Basement and side garage you can use to install Whole House Water Filter. Installation at the nearest area of the main water valve, how its a better option?

If you have a private well or private tank of water in your home, then it will be useful to install nearby them.

  • Generally, the main valve of water is placed at Kitchen Porch or Parking space at home.
  • Through the main valve pipeline, water enters into the Water Filter System. Another pipe you can attach with outside faucet.
  • Further, Whole House Filter System, One pipeline is attached with a water heater, and another one is connected with a standard faucet.
  • At this point, you will get Hot filtered water and cold filtered water from Whole House Water Filter.
  • Install Whole House Water Filter between the main valve and Water hitter is a better choice.

Whole House Water Filter Parts including Fittings, Mounting Bracket, Bypass Valve, Shut-Off Valve, Pressure Gauges, and Tubing. While installation, you need to take these parts.

The filter cartridges are covered with a top plastic Cylinders when you assemble with the use of screws, and you don’t need to use sealant around the cap. Because filter needs to replace or reuse in 3-4 months, Sealant creates a tighten these cap, to uncover these caps it will be easy if it fits with a screw. Sealant on plastic is not suitable to go, and it breaks the plastic and will start water leakage problems.

New Plastic top cylinders are easy to assemble with a screw, and the first cylinder needs to open regularly, cause it catches up solid contaminants from water.

We have the option to install Whole House Water Filter at best place in your home, nearby main valve, basement, and the garage is also a right choice, nearby private well, or water tank. In short, choose the better so, it will be feasible while you need to replumb the system.