Four home DIY jobs that are easier than you think

If you own your own home, then keeping it in good order over the years is key. If you neglect to look after your property, then it can cost you lots in repairs down the road or by not getting the full value for it when you sell. Even if you plan on not going anywhere, taking steps to upgrade your home over time is advisable. It will simply make it a nicer place to live and ensure that it does not look outdated or tired.

The issue for some homeowners is that the idea of carrying out DIY tasks around their property fills them with fear! The thought of making a mess of the job and causing damage is enough to put them off doing anything to keep their property in great shape. This is a real shame though as there are many simple yet very effective DIY jobs that you can carry out to improve your home.

Keep it simple and take your time

Before we look at some easy DIY jobs around the home that anyone can do, it is best to get prepared first. To begin with, only ever attempt simple jobs that are suitable for amateur DIY enthusiasts and normal homeowners to carry out. Any job that needs a recognized qualification to complete, is complex, or may involve risk to life is best left to the professionals.

One you have found a simple job that you feel able to carry out, make sure that you have the right tools and know the steps to getting it done first. Do not be tempted to wing it with the wrong tools! This will only see a poor result and could lead to injury. The internet is a great resource now for common DIY jobs – search online for articles or videos that show exactly what you need to do.

Common tasks you could have a go at

Listed below are some common and simple DIY jobs that all homeowners could do. By giving it a go, you will not only be increasing your skillset but also saving money from calling in external help.

  • Installing window shutters –this is a great job to start off with as it is safe and simple. Many homes would benefit from this kind of window dressing for the visual appeal that it delivers and the way that it allows you to better control the light coming into any room. Rather than having a company fit yours, it is better to order your shutters online but then fit them yourself. Most shutters can be fitted within an hour and do not require specialist tools or skills to do it. In most cases, it is as easy as measuring up the window first before ordering them and then fitting them in place when they have arrived with common tools such as screwdrivers.
  • Cleaning out the gutters –another common home improvement job that you could easily do yourself is cleaning out the gutters. Over time, gutters on a property can get clogged with debris. The problem here is that rainwater then does not run freely through them and can instead seep into external walls to cause damp. Rather than calling out a specialist company, just hop up on a pair of ladders with a bucket and sponge to clean them out yourself. Just remember to have someone anchoring the ladder for extra safety!
  • Changing a tap washer –is there anything more annoying in life than a dripping tap? Anyone who has suffered from one in their kitchen or bathroom knows how trying they are. The usual cause is a broken washer inside the tap, which is actually pretty simple to fix yourself. All you need is a new tap washer and standard tools such as a flathead screwdriver. Installing the new washer involves some simple unscrewing of the tap unit, which only takes a few minutes.
  • Unjamming the garbage disposal unit –we know this one seems scary, but do not run off screaming just yet. The main thing to remember here is to cut the mains power to the unit and double-check that it is off before you start to work on it! When this is done, it is a simple case of using a standard Allen wrench on the flywheel to bring the items that are causing the clog into reach. Once this is done, you can use pliers to remove the offending debris.

Have a go yourself first

When you come across any pressing home improvement jobs, it is tempting to reach for the phone straight away. As the above shows though, sometimes it is much better and cheaper to pause. Many simple DIY tasks can be carried out just as well personally and give the same results.