How To Choose The Most Right Type Mattress?

How much time do you spend in bed each day? The answer must be diverse. The average adult man spends his time resting for 6-8 hours. This means that a third of your life time is spent in bed, even for babies and children up to 15 hours each day. So, it is important if you start investing in your sleeping equipment and your child because without adequate sleep and quality, we will experience health problems and even mental disorders.

Although from various studies that have been done mentioning that the best type of mattress depends on the tastes and needs of each individual, but in the end we should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the type of mattress that we choose like air mattress, air bed. Especially whether the lack of mattress can we anticipate or not. Research experts point out that mistakes in mattress / mattress selection can reduce the quality of your sleep. For more information you can check on Crazy Sales.

What kind of mattress is right for your room? Let’s explore of various types of mattresses below.

  1. Conventional Mattress

Mattress made of natural material of this rabbit is a type of traditional mattress that has long been known to the public. Because it is made from natural materials, this mattress is able to absorb heat. No wonder, although the price is cheap, sleeping on a cotton mattress is quite comfortable, because it is soft and not hot.


Unfortunately, this mattress can be deflated after being used for some time, so it should be added kapok again. Not to mention the buildup of dust, lice and mites on the sidelines of kapok, and the flakes that come out of the mattress can interfere with breathing. Therefore, this type of mattress is not friendly, especially for people who are allergic to dust or cotton.

  1. Foam Mattress

Mattress material that has experienced this chemical process comes earlier than the spring bed. In general, foam mattresses can be fairly soft and comfortable. The quality of this mattress is dependent of the type of foam as the main ingredient of manufacture.


Age of this mattress is not as long as spring bed, memory foam, especially mattress type latex. Due to frequent use, these mattresses may lose flexibility to become flat. Another downside, this mattress is hot. Most mattresses of this type contain materials containing carbon and bromine. This substance has a bad effect, namely toxins that disrupt the balance of hormones in the human body. No wonder there was a 2004 event of foam product withdrawal because this material is claimed to have the potential to cause cancer.

  1. Spring Mattress

Spring mattress (per) or known as spring bed is a type that until now still popular among consumers. This type of mattress uses a combination of per and foam. Usually, the more the number of springs, the better the quality of the mattress. Because of the nature of the spring that can receive pressure and reflect back, then he can follow the body weight and gestures of a person while on it.


Unfortunately, more and more manufacturers are producing spring mattresses with the number of springs and quality of coatings that are below standard. Metal springs are particularly susceptible to rust where rust can be harmful to health when we sleep, such as being a nesting place for ticks, mites, fungi and bacteria. In addition, the longer the spring will be worn and the more concave shape because no longer strong support our body points of different mass, this will be bad for your spine.

  1. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is made of viscoelastic foam over a dense polyurethane. This material was originally created to withstand enormous pressure on astronauts as they enter and exit the Earth’s atmosphere. This mattress is able to follow the shape of the body of a person sleeping on it. Even the movement does not affect the person who sleeps next to him. This type of mattress is also more durable than the mattress containing the spring in it.

The shortcomings:

Like the others, this mattress still has many shortcomings. In addition to the price is still quite expensive, the air flow can not move in it, so it can store body heat. The possibility of this mattress is also too hard for some people. New memory foam mattresses are usually flavorful. The possibility of this type of mattress is not comfortable for a fat person.

  1. Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam is made of natural rubber that is elastic and durable. The latex mattress can be either 100% latex or water-based latex (latex mixed with water). Same with memory foam, this mattress also supports the body well. But fleas, bacteria and fungi can not lodge in the latex, so it does not cause allergies. Natural-made latex can be renewed and environmentally friendly. In contrast to memory foam, airflow can move inside a lat foam mattress