Minimalist Chandelier, for Your Dream Home

Minimalist Chandelier, for Your Dream Home

The decoration is the most appropriate tool used to enhance your space. One of them is a chandelier. Why? Because the chandelier can emit light that can provide a different atmosphere to a room. In addition, the material made of glass or crystal also gives a beautiful and elegant impression. If you are looking for the best lights for your home, the Flos is the best choice.

The minimalist chandelier is an example of the type of various chandeliers. The beauty that is owned by this minimalist chandelier is what makes many homeowners put this decoration in a room that is easily seen by guests in an example, the living room or dining room. However, you cannot just install the chandelier just at home. You need the right guide so that the money you have spent to buy a chandelier is not wasted.

Choose the Right Model

Pendant lamps have a variety of models. There are models of foyer light, chandelier or pendant light. Each of these models gives a different impression. For example, foyer light and chandeliers give the impression of elegance thanks to the crystal luster or pendant light that gives a warm romantic impression. Suitable to be placed in the dining room to bring a romantic dinner atmosphere.

Customize the Interior Theme

Not only a variety of models, but the minimalist chandelier also has a variety of types based on the interior style that is carried. There are vintage pendants with past models, rustic chandeliers with wooden stems, industrial chandeliers, to classic chandeliers with lots of ornaments and details. Not much decoration, this simple model lamp is perfect for homes with minimalist designs.

Note the Altitude

After you have determined the model and type of the chandelier, now you need to pay attention to its height. For homes that have high ceilings, you can buy a minimalist chandelier that has a model extending downward. But pay attention to the height not to be too short because it will actually make the visual space so ugly and of course can be blinding. Hanging lamps with the right height can function well as a light source

Align with Home Furniture

Usually, people install a minimalist chandelier in the living room is to attract the attention of people who come to visit the house. The hope is that they will be impressed with our home and end in praise. However, you need to first consider the shape, motif, and color of the furniture that you have in the living room. If you’ve played a lot with shapes, motifs, and colors on the living room sofa, then don’t be insistent to install a minimalist chandelier that has a variety of shapes or a variety of details. Enough lights with a minimalist design so as not to add to the “dizzy” visual of your living room.

Consider the Materials

The chandelier is made of various materials. You can choose the material that will be used following the theme of the interior of the house. If your house has a rustic theme, then wood material is perfect for the chandelier. If it is an industrial theme, a chandelier made of scrap metal and wire is the right choice. The industrial impression is very thick on the chandelier in the picture with iron painted and shaped like a spider. For the light selected yellow.

Those are some guidelines for installing a minimalist chandelier in your dream home. Whatever the various designs, don’t ever hesitate to explore the colors and building materials to decorate your dream home.