Why You Should Sort Your Roofing Renovations Before You Sell


For the vast majority of people your home is going to be the single biggest investment in your life. Whether we are talking about your first home, or your retirement home. It is a large chunk of your money that will be used not only in buying your home, but in upgrading and maintaining it, especially the roofing.

When Should You Renovate?

It seems that there are two times in a home ownership cycle that are prime times to see renovations occur. When you have just purchased the property, and when you are about to sell it. Occasionally you’ll see alternations happen for life change events, like the arrival of children, or children going off to college.

But, generally, it’s when you have just moved in and want to stamp your mark on your home, letting your personality shine through. Or when you are about to sell and suddenly discover that your home could do with a bit of a spruce up.

What Should Be the Renovation Priority?

Although people often get swept up with the idea of adding pools, installing new bathrooms or completely renovating the kitchen, none of these provide the return on investment like simply adding a fresh coat of neutral paint, tiding the gardens, and replacing the roof.

If you just did a double take there, it’s likely because you don’t truly appreciate the benefits of roofing. Most people can see the sense in creating a home that people walking in can envision their artwork, and their personality shining through, so a clean coat of paint makes absolute sense.

Tiding the gardens, ensuring that edging is not broken. That weeds are removed. And new bark is laid down is something which probably hasn’t been thought about. But once pointed out people can really see how that would improve saleability of the house. If not translate to an actual dollar increase in value.

However, replacing the roof seems like such a dramatic and expensive renovation that people underestimate its value.


Why Replace Your Roof?

Obviously, if your house is a relatively new build this is probably overkill. However, most roofs only have a lifespan of around 20 – 30 years. And the nature of human aging means that people regularly underestimate how many years have gone by.

Think about it, when was your roof actually installed? If it was any longer than 15 years ago. You are probably due to get it replaced, and now is the perfect time. https://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/family-finance/articles/how-long-can-you-expect-your-roof-or-fridge-to-last

Not only will you be improving the look of your entire house – a new roofing really is a thing of beauty. But you will also be improving other aspects.

Increased Comfort

With a new roof you will generally also add in new insulation, and the insulations options available now. Compared to even just 15 years ago are a great improvement. Which means as a selling point you are able to say the new insulation is going to save the new owners on energy costs. And provide a much nicer living environment.

Increased Style

Style is another big factor. Color fashions change, so if you have a roof that was installed at a time of a particular fashion sense (see here). You might find that your house is looking very old and dated now. Meaning you have the perfect opportunity to highlight the potential for your home to be ultramodern and beautiful.

Increased Protection

Of course, if your roof is older than you had realized, chances are high that it really does need some major renovations. Often people don’t realize the damage a roof has sustained over time until disaster strikes. Usually in the form of a major leak during the Christmas holidays (or another equally impossible time to try and find someone to fix it).

Although any good roofing contractor will recommend that a home owner. Should be inspecting their roof for damage at least twice a year, and absolutely after any storm has passed by. It is a sad reality that their words are taken as being highly biased by the majority of people. Rather than sensible advise offered by professionals in the know.

So, replacing your roof before you try to sell your house lets potential buyers know that your house has been well looked after, and that they are unlikely to strike any problems, as the biggest one as already been taken care of for them.